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When Should My Child Learn to Read?

young child begins reading picture book

Whenever parents get together, the same question arises: When should my child learn to read?

The age a child begins reading can vary. The majority of children read by ages six or seven—in other words by first or second grade—yet some learn to read earlier.

However, an early start does not mean a child has an advantage in later grades as kids' abilities tend to catch up with one another as they get older.

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5 Signs Your Child Needs an Online Tutor

kid using online tutoring for homework

Does your child need academic support from a tutor? Just as importantly, is online tutoring the best solution for your kid's educational and personal needs?

More often than not, your child will not outright tell you they need a little extra help with their studies. If you see these five signs, you may find that an online tutor can help your child overcome challenges in the classroom, improve a poor attitude toward school, or even alleviate academic dishonesty.

Are you noticing these signs in your child?

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Remote Learning Helps Students Learn and Study Better Post-Pandemic

student remote learning

As most schools in the United States reopen their doors to in-person learning for the fall, many students and parents revel in this comforting return to normalcy.

But like other facets of society, the pandemic has permanently reshaped the educational system in many ways.

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