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10 Mindfulness Tips for Elementary School Students

mindful student practicing meditation

As scientists continue to study education and how the brain works, it's becoming more evident that we need to teach social-emotional learning alongside academics.

Mindfulness is one way to help children deal positively with stress, emotions, and other people's words and actions. Practicing mindfulness helps people stay focused on the present and opens up avenues to self-awareness and ways to regulate emotions and reactions.

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6 Easy Homework Tips for Parents

parent giving homework help to child on laptop

If you have homework struggles with your child on what seems like a daily basis, you aren't alone!

Around 60% of parents admit that they struggle to help their kids with homework.

Additionally, approximately 56% of students in high school feel like they have too much homework, and 56% of students indicate that homework is one of their primary sources of stress.

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8 Must-Know Tips To Help Your Child Succeed in Math

parent giving child math help with flashcards

Math can be a challenging subject to help your child succeed in. Often, children pick up on our cultural indifference to math and think it's so hard that only the "smart kids" get it, or they have such severe math anxiety that even when they understand it, they perform poorly on tests.

Helping your child with their math homework can also be taxing. Most math topics are only used in specific applications, and you may not have used them yourself since school. Adding to this difficulty, the way math is taught evolves more often than in other subjects. Even if you remember math concepts, you may be unfamiliar with how the subject is taught now.

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How to Create a Positive Learning Environment for Young Students


parent with child working in a positive learning environment

Education can happen anywhere—in a classroom, at home, online, or even on the go. Young students absorb knowledge wherever they are, so it's up to the adults to create positive environments suitable for learning.

Teachers do this in the classroom, our tutors do it online, and parents can learn how to do this at home.

In this article, you'll discover how to foster a learning environment that will encourage academic curiosity and growth.

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Why Your Child is Acing Homework but Failing Tests


student filling in scantron using test-taking strategies

In a traditional school model, homework is often an opportunity to learn a concept, while tests and quizzes evaluate how well the student has learned the material. Unfortunately, for some children, tests quickly become something more—an immense source of stress.

Have you noticed that your child performs very well on homework—and seems to understand the material with little to no help from you—but struggles on their tests?

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