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The Importance of Effective Feedback During Tutoring Sessions

Tutor providing immediate feedback during tutoring sessions for better learning experiences

Giving feedback to your students is key to effective learning. In fact, your feedback is powerful.

It helps students build self-confidence, fuels their motivation, and keeps them accountable as they work toward their academic goals.

That's why it’s critical that you learn how to give effective feedback during your tutoring sessions.

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The Impact Of After-School Tutoring on Elementary Students

student using laptop for after-school tutoring

Elementary students are laying down the foundation for successful learning skills that will carry them through their entire academic journeys.

Unfortunately, classroom teachers may not have the capacity or the time to tailor their instruction to each student's learning needs and styles.

That's where after-school tutoring comes in—this form of academic support can offer a number of positive impacts on the overall success of elementary students in the classroom.

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6 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a K-12 Tutor

K-12 tutor with notebook teaching virtually on laptop

K-12 students are incredibly diverse, spanning multiple age ranges, personality types, and unique academic needs and challenges.

As a result, tutoring these students can be very rewarding as you learn how to connect with them and what they need most.

If you're interested in tutoring K-12 students, these are the six things you should know before you embark on your tutoring journey.

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Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes That Online Tutors Make

online tutor on student’s laptop screen

Various types of online learning have been around for decades, but virtual learning as we know it today is still relatively new.

As a result, online tutors experience a learning curve as they try out the technology on our platform.

If you feel like you have not mastered the online learning experience yet, you’re not alone.

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What Is Summer Learning Loss, and What Can Schools Do About It?

girl reading book in grass during summer to prevent learning loss

Summer break is just around the corner, and students in kindergarten through high school are looking forward to the fun-filled months ahead.

Unfortunately, educators may have more pressing concerns—including the worry of summer learning loss.

What is the summer learning loss phenomenon? Who does it affect? Most importantly, what can K-12 schools do about it?

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