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Mean, Median, and Mode: Defining Averages in Math

Mean median and mode: teenanger sitting on a sofa and doing her homework

Mean, median, and mode are three ways of describing data sets. The mean and median measure central tendency, or the average amongst a set of numbers. The mode is the most commonly occurring number.

If you’re a little confused, don’t worry. We’re here to unpack the definitions of mean, median, and mode.

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How Do You Round a Decimal Place Value?

Decimal place value: globe with numbers

Decimal place values are the numbers to the right of the decimal point. Let's explain the different names for each place value and demonstrate how to round decimal place values.

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What Is an Algebraic Expression and Why Is It Important?

What is an algebraic expression: teenager taking down notes during an online class

What is an algebraic expression? An algebraic expression is a mathematical phrase that uses coefficients, unknown variables, algebraic operations, and constants. However, an expression cannot have an equals sign.

Let's expand on the definition of an algebraic expression and explain how it’s different from other types of mathematical expressions.

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3 Steps to Convert Mixed Numbers Into Improper Fractions

Teenager solving an equation on a blackboard

Mixed numbers are a combination of a whole number and proper fractions. Here’s an example:

Mixed numbers example

Mixed numbers show a value somewhere between two whole numbers. For example, the mixed number above is neither 1 nor 2. The one-half fraction shows it's perfectly in between.

Let's dive further into what mixed numbers are and how they can be converted into another type of fraction, improper fractions.

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Best Strategies for Multiplying Decimals

multiplying decimals: teenage girl studying on her bed

Multiplying decimals seems tricky. But in reality, it follows almost the same process as multiplying any non-decimal number, just with one extra step. Let's take a look.

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