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What To Look for in an SAT Tutor and How To Find One

A high school student interacts with an SAT tutor through his laptop

The SAT is the most important standardized test a high schooler takes. This exam is a crucial aspect of the college admissions process, and scoring well can help you get accepted to the institution of your choice.

While this test is certainly challenging, a tutor can help. Working with an SAT tutor can ensure you’re prepared for the test. In addition to understanding the content of the test, a tutor will make sure you know the format and design of the exam.

When you know what to expect, you’re likely to feel more confident and perform well on the test. Here’s what to look for in an SAT tutor and how to find the right one for you.

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How Much Should You Pay a Tutor Per Hour? A Rate Breakdown


How much should you pay a tutor per hour: A piggy bank sits on top of a stack of books

Working with a tutor can vary dramatically when it comes to price and skill level. A tutor who is helping an elementary school student with basic math principles will cost much less than a tutor who works with college students on complex topics like organic chemistry.

So, how much should you pay a tutor per hour? Well, that depends on a variety of factors including the tutor’s expertise and education level, and how difficult the subject matter is. Where and how you hire a tutor can also affect how much you’ll pay. Online tutoring services typically charge set monthly or hourly fees for tutoring while private tutors may charge additional fees for travel time and other factors.

Here’s what you need to know about the cost of tutoring services and where you can find the best tutors.

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What To Look for in a Statistics Tutor and Where To Find One

Statistics tutor: A student works with an online tutor through her computer

The study of statistics is most often associated with mathematics. It’s true that statistics and modeling requires an understanding of basic math concepts. Yet, the field of statistics extends far beyond math, playing an important role in nearly every industry.

That’s why a statistics teacher is so important: For anyone seeking a career path that involves statistics, a math tutor simply won't do.

It’s key to find someone with a well-rounded understanding of both statistical computations and their many uses across work and society. Here’s a look at what an online statistics tutor can do for you and how to find one.

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How Long Is the SAT Test? Plus, Tips for Time Management


How long is the SAT test: A hand fills in a scantron next to an alarm clock

Taking standardized tests – like the SAT and ACT — is a key component of the college admissions process. These tests don’t only test your knowledge of math and language skills, they also assess your ability to manage time and work through problems efficiently.

With so much riding on these exams, it’s no surprise that high school students find the days leading up to the test date daunting. While the exam subjects can be intimidating, many students are most concerned about the time constraints.

So how long is the SAT test? The new SAT test is 180 minutes long, not including the 50-minute optional SAT essay section or any breaks. Here we’ll go over the basic structure of the SAT test, including how much time you’ll get for each section. Plus, we’ll offer some helpful hints on how to manage your time so you get the best SAT test score you possibly can.

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Does Music Help You Study? The Science Behind Sound and Learning


Does music help you study: A student studies while listening to his headphones

Some A+ students credit their strong memory to study music while others say they prefer silence. Many people also refer to the Mozart effect, which claims that listening to classical music can increase the retention of information for better studying and stronger brainpower.

It’s clear that there’s a lot of talk about what makes us smarter. This leaves many high school and college students wondering: Does music help you study? Read on to learn the science behind music, memory retention, and what really helps us learn.

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