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Academic Integrity in Online Tutoring Matters

Online tutoring sessions designed to promote academic integrity

Academic integrity means demonstrating honesty and good morals in all aspects of academia. Students, teachers, tutors, and anyone else involved in education should show this type of integrity, whether in a physical classroom or at home.

Academic integrity is particularly essential in online learning. Keep reading to find out why it’s so important for tutors and students to remain honest throughout the learning process.

Why Is Academic Integrity So Important in Online Tutoring?

Unfortunately, not all online tutoring solutions maintain strict academic honesty standards. Some online tutoring providers have faced consequences for allowing rampant cheating on their platforms.

Online learning has its own unique challenges, one of them being accountability. Keeping students (and tutors) accountable over a distance is more difficult because you interact with each other through the space of a screen. You can't see what's going on outside the screen.

A reputable online tutoring platform will meet this challenge, taking meticulous measures to ensure that academic honesty and integrity are upheld.

How Can Online Tutoring Providers Prevent Cheating?

Leading online tutoring providers have policies and processes to prevent students and tutors from cheating. Measures have been developed and tested over time to ensure they actually work.

TutorMe is the perfect example of a provider with a class-leading reputation for being reputable and trustworthy. We provide tutors and students with an online learning platform that maintains the highest academic integrity standards.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the proven measures TutorMe has taken to promote academic integrity.

Students and Tutors Must Abide by the TutorMe Honor Code

The TutorMe Honor Code sets industry-leading standards for how students and tutors conduct themselves on an online learning platform. Some of the concepts covered in the tutor honor code include:

  • Tutors are not hired to give students answers.
  • Students may not ask tutors to provide them with answers to school assignments.
  • A Quality Assurance team can monitor any session on the TutorMe platform.
  • If cheating or dishonesty is apprehended, the cheater will be suspended from the platform.
  • Students and tutors are not allowed to exchange contact information, which means they cannot interact in a dishonest way outside of the TutorMe platform.

During each tutor's onboarding time, they're required to review and acknowledge the Honor Code, agreeing to strictly adhere to its policies concerning cheating, academic honesty, and using the platform responsibly.

The TutorMe Honor Code leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that academic integrity is of the utmost importance to our platform.

TutorMe Delivers Academic Support, Not Easy Answers

During their onboarding, tutors on TutorMe receive guidance on how to collaborate with students so they can successfully master concepts on their own.

The type of academic support that tutors on our platform provide encourages students to think for themselves, grapple with the problems at hand, and experience a sense of ownership and pride when they get it right. The learning process is supposed to be rewarding but not necessarily easy.

Students are taught to master concepts rather than achieve short-term goals, such as a high grade on one school test. Those goals are okay, but if that's the only one, then the temptation to cheat increases.

An effective online tutor prevents student cheating by helping students reach their academic goals through hard work, not quick and easy hacks.

Every aspect of the TutorMe platform has a bias towards collaboration. For instance, virtual whiteboards allow tutors and students to write or draw helpful information, much as a teacher would do on the whiteboard in a standard classroom.

Screen sharing, live audio/video chat, and a text editor allow the tutor and student to easily communicate together as they work toward the student's goals. The purpose of these learning tools has always been to make collaboration easier—not for cheating.

In fact, as the student and tutor collaborate together, the student is more likely to become engaged and motivated to learn more. This type of learning discourages cheating because the student actually wants to participate and succeed.

K-12 Admin Get Transparent Access to Session Recordings

All TutorMe administrators get full access to recordings of each tutoring session. They also get full access to any Writing Lab submissions. Think of this as an extra set of eyes ensuring the student and tutor adhere to the academic honesty policies.

With so many online sessions to oversee, how do the admin know which ones to watch? TutorMe uses a unique, two-way rating system. Tutors and students both get a chance to review each session after it ends.

This helps keep both parties accountable and gives admin a way to know when something might be wrong. If a session receives a lower rating, the Quality Assurance team reviews the session and immediately acts to address any situations before they become an issue.

Our Quality Assurance team is dedicated to preventing cheating and all other forms of academic dishonesty.

Academic Integrity Forms the Pillars of Trust

TutorMe has zero tolerance for cheating or any type of academic dishonesty. We stand by our Honor Code and take measures to ensure both tutors and students stand by it, too. By encouraging accountability for students and tutors, TutorMe leads the way in solving the problem of academic dishonesty online.

We’re actively promoting academic integrity in tutoring, giving students the opportunity to learn new things without being tempted to cheat. Our focus on collaboration between tutor and student encourages effective, long-term learning.

Partner with an online tutoring provider that shares your commitment to academic honesty. Our students are empowered to succeed through collaboration and hard work, not cheating. Contact us today to see how TutorMe can help your school achieve the highest academic integrity standards.

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