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Your ACT Tutor: A Guide to Finding The Perfect Match


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The ACT is an important standardized test reviewed by college admissions offices. Most high school students take the ACT in 11th grade, but that doesn’t mean they can’t start preparing early. In fact, studying for the ACT test in 10th grade can ensure that you (or your high schooler) are extremely familiar with the exam and know what to expect.

ACT tutoring can help increase your test scores and make you a stronger candidate when applying to college. But how do you find an ACT tutor who works for you? Here’s a look at what to expect from an ACT tutor — plus how to find the right one for you.

Reasons to Consider an ACT Tutor

Anyone taking the ACT should do everything they can to get the best possible score. This means ample test prep and, often, hiring a private ACT tutor. Whether or not you’ve had a tutor for other tests, such as the SAT, here’s why an act tutor is a great way to ace the ACT exam.

Learn Your Strengths and Weaknesses

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One of the greatest benefits of having an ACT tutor is that it enables personalized studying. Working with an ACT expert will help you quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

Then, your tutor will use this information to create a schedule that focuses on your weak spots and maintains your strengths. This will ensure that you’re using your time efficiently to review the material you need to know most. Additionally, the ACT tutor will help you devise the right problem-solving skills to tackle your most challenging areas.

Master Test-Taking Strategies

Test-taking is much easier when you’re familiar with the strategy behind the question. The ACT exam follows a certain format, and all of its questions have strategy and structure behind them. When you know how these questions are structured, you’ll be able to strategically move through problems you don’t know the answer to.

A tutor can help expose a student to all the different question formats on the test — and how to strategically master them. Learning test-taking strategies can also boost test-taking confidence to make you feel more prepared on the actual test day.

Motivation and Time Management

In addition to creating a personalized schedule and helping you master testing strategies, a private ACT tutor will help you stay motivated and manage your time. They’ll create a schedule of when you meet, what you’ll cover during sessions, and what you should be doing in between sessions.

Studying for the ACT on your own can be overwhelming, to say the least. When you work with an expert ACT tutor, they’ll keep your schedule organized to eliminate much of the stress. So, you can just focus on getting a great score.

How to Find an Online ACT Tutor

A student interacts with an ACT tutor through her laptop

Finding an ACT tutor can be a breeze when you know what to look for. For example, you might want to find an ACT tutor that specializes in English and provides writing support if you know that’s an area you need help in. You may also look for private tutoring from someone who’s well-rounded in all subjects if you feel you need equal support in every area.

ACT Tutors by Subject Area

When searching for tutors by subject area, consider their background and expertise. Students needing help with ACT math may want to look for tutors who have experience teaching pre-algebra, Algebra 1, and precalculus.

Similarly, anyone needing help with the ACT science section may be better off with a tutor who has a degree in a science-related field, like chemistry or biology. Finding an ACT tutor who specializes specifically in writing isn’t as important for ACT prep since the writing test is optional and weighs less than the other section.

However, the reading comprehension section includes prose fiction, social studies, humanities, and natural science as the areas of expertise. Whether you’re a pro at social studies or you need a little help with English, searching for a private ACT tutor based on subject speciality is one of the best ways to master your test preparation in a specific area.

The best tutor for your child will be someone who has strengths in the subjects your child needs support in, yet can also offer well-rounded help for all areas of the test.

Online Tutoring

There are two types of instructors who can help you: in-home tutors and online tutors. While an in-home tutor may be better for people who prefer face-to-face interaction, this limits students to only people in their area.

In contrast, online tutoring enables students to choose from a wide array of experts from around the world. This enables greater choice across a tutor’s education, skill set, and location. Online ACT tutoring also creates more flexibility in your schedule, allowing you to work through material when it’s most convenient for you.

How Much Does an ACT Tutor Cost?

Act tutoring varies in cost depending on the tutor and their expertise. At a base level, ACT tutors start around $30 per hour, and the best tutors will cost closer to $75 or $80. Tutoring packages, like those offered at TutorMe, come with a monthly fee that includes tutoring sessions and other perks. This package comes at a set fee, meaning it may save you money on hourly tutoring fees over the long-term.

Our basic plan gives students access to 24/7 online, on-demand help and 2 hours of private tutoring, while our most extensive plan provides 8 hours of teaching with round-the-clock support for $209 per month.

Not everyone is going to have the resources to pay for the best tutors online, but paying a little bit more for a high-quality tutor can make a huge difference in helping further your student’s learning goals.

Studying Between Tutoring Sessions

A student reviews learning materials with an in-person ACT tutor

The last thing to think about when searching for an ACT tutor is how you’ll approach studying between sessions. Since your tutor isn’t going to meet with you every day, you’ll need to create a study plan for what you’re studying and when.

Most tutors can assist with the creation of an ACT study schedule once you start working with them and they learn about your needs and goals. They’ll likely have you take an initial online ACT practice test so you can see where you need to focus your efforts. Then, you can allot your time accordingly and set a goal score that you’d like to achieve.

How much higher does your score have to be to reach your goal? Factor this into your calendar as you continue to regularly take practice tests and gauge your progress.

In addition to taking practice ACT exams, you’ll need to create space and time to work through question formats, analyze diagnostic questions, and study passage formats in each relevant section. Lastly, this schedule should be added to a calendar so you can see what you need to complete on each day.

Learn From the Best Online ACT Tutors

Finding an ACT tutor is one of the best ways to increase your score and make your application stand out to college admissions offices. However, it’s important to find a tutor who's right for you. Their knowledge, experience, and understanding of the ACT subject tests are all important factors when choosing an online tutor.

Whether you’re finding a tutor for the first time or you’re experienced in receiving online help, the right online tutor can ensure you have a fruitful tutoring experience and reach your goals on the ACT.

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