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Algebra Help: Top Resources to Help You Master Your Math Skills

A student gets algebra help from a tutor

Algebra is one of the most important subjects in high school math — it’s essential for school, work, and life in general. In addition to advancing one’s mathematical skills, algebra helps prepare students for analysis and problem-solving in everyday life.

Still, it’s common for students and adults alike to struggle with algebra, especially when encountering it for the first time. The good news is there are many ways those seeking support can get the algebra help they need. That assistance can ensure that you feel more confident in your skills and prepare you to succeed in mathematics.

Someone who just needs assistance from time to time might benefit from a self-guided help resource. Otherwise, a tutor can be a great way to get personalized support and guidance for someone who needs more in-depth support.

Why Algebra Matters

It’s easy for high school students to pass off algebra as another useless skill. But the truth is that algebra matters—maybe more so than many other skills gleaned in mathematics. You use algebra when you calculate a bill or make a financial calculation. It also is the primary skill used to build, measure, or plan work such as household maintenance and renovations.

Algebra is also used when estimating distances. For example, when you calculate how many miles away a destination is, then determine how long it’ll take you to drive there, you’re using algebra.

Algebra also comes in handy for careers across different industries, even if you don’t specialize in math. As you might expect, architects, engineers, and scientists use algebra on a daily basis. But you might not realize designers, artists, teachers, psychologists, and social workers often use algebra as well. Algebra is also an essential skill for business professionals like marketers, CEOs, economists, and financial experts.

It’s clear algebra is an important skill to learn. Yet for anyone having trouble with algebra and algebra equations, learning it can feel overwhelming. Let’s take a look at resources for algebra help.

Resources for Algebra Help

A student works on her math homework with her head resting on the desk

There’s no shortage of algebra resources on the internet. Whether you’re looking for worksheets, videos, or practice tests, there’s a website to help you. Here’s a look at online resources that can assist you with algebra help if you get stuck or need extra guidance.

Math Is Fun

This resource is filled with introductory algebra content, including the basics of equations, inequalities, exponents, factoring, logarithms, and more. All of these algebra topics can be explored through fun games that help students understand and become more familiar with important algebraic processes.

iPractice Math

If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of algebra, iPractice Math is a go-to resource. It shares free content about basic algebraic terms and their real-life applications. Additionally, this math resource offers detailed sections on more complex algebra terms, like quadratic equations and polynomials.


If you like using algebra worksheets to master certain skills, give this website a shot. Math-Drills.com offers a variety of worksheets based on numeric properties and laws, including inverse relationships, linear equations, quadratic expressions, polynomials, inequalities, and more.


TheMathPage is a simple, straightforward algebra help page that emphasizes word problems. These problems are helpful because they also include the answer plus an explanation of how to reach the solution. This is helpful for anyone who prefers a written explanation of a problem to accompany the visual depiction of a problem.


This math skills website is organized by grade and algebra level, making it easy to assess the user’s current needs. This site can also help you understand if you’re not at your grade level for algebra — which may indicate you could benefit from a tutor. Mathopolis is also categorized, so you can easily view math problems and algebra lessons based on groups.

You can search algebra problems that include polynomials, sets, functions, graphs, quadratic equations, linear equations, algebraic expressions, the order of operations, distributive property, exponents, algebra, measurement, and numbers.


This intuitively-designed website offers a massive amount of algebra help. Users can start by browsing practice problems based on algebra fundamentals, beginning algebra, or advanced algebra. After completing practice problems, students can have additional practice with algebra problems and upcoming tests on essential topics like linear inequalities, factoring, quadratic formulas, square roots, and graphing.


This algebra app appeals to multiple learning styles. First, it uses text and speech recognition to make learning easier. This means students can talk to the app to explain their problems, and the app will show relevant support answering their concerns.

The support that accompanies a question can be in the form of definitions, written explanations, videos, illustrations, diagrams, and more. But Socratic also has a library of important concepts and visual explanations of those concepts, which helps all kinds of learners to get the help they need.


Rather than offering help with categorized algebra topics, MathPapa offers step-by-step algebra help on specific problems. Simply type in your problem for a detailed overview of what it is and how to solve it. MathPapa also has an app, so you can quickly check your answers and get help from the convenience of your cell phone.

Benefits of Algebra Tutors

A student gets algebra help from an online tutor

Seeking online resources and solving equations on your own is helpful, but it can only get you so far. The most effective way to get algebra help is to opt for an expert tutor.

Algebra tutors can help you complete your algebra homework correctly, which is important for maintaining high grades in class. You can also talk to your tutor through guided video lessons, which enable you to ask questions on a one-on-one basis.

If you’re wondering how a tutor can help you with algebra, consider the following benefits.

Personalized Learning

Ordinary school environments simply don’t have the resources to provide personalized learning experiences for each student. Yet tutors are incredibly helpful, as they allow students to learn at their own pace. Tutors can also help students assess their strengths and weaknesses.

In turn, this helps students become more self-aware about where they excel and where they need to improve. Plus, tutors can help students understand their learning style and how they best retain information. This is important not only for improving algebra skills but for achieving learning gains across all subjects.

Elevated Confidence and Enthusiasm

Academics aren’t enjoyable when you’re struggling. Working with a tutor can make algebra more enjoyable, which can in turn boost enthusiasm for other subjects. Moreover, working with a tutor can make a student more confident in their own algebra skills.

Such confidence is key not only to succeeding at algebra but to feeling confident and accomplished across all subjects. This can help with test-taking skills and increase the chances of achieving high scores on quizzes, final exams, and standardized tests.

Better College Preparation

Most high school students are on a mission to get into the college of their choice. Yet without essential skills like algebra, which are needed on the SAT and other essential entrance exams, opportunities diminish.

Working with an algebra tutor can help ensure students are academically prepared for college. Tutors also help high school students create study schedules and learn time management skills, both of which are key to success in higher education.

Get Your Student the Algebra Help They Need

It isn’t easy asking for help, especially when it comes to difficult subjects like math. However, asking for help is the most important step in ensuring you learn algebraic concepts. There are a wealth of resources available to help with algebra, especially if you’re looking for test problems and review.

An algebra tutor is the best way to get the personalized, effective support your student needs. Visit TutorMe for more information on how to get an expert tutor for algebra help.

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