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Do You Need a Biology Tutor? Here's How To Find One

Biology tutor: Female student and her teacher checking a molecular model kit

Does homeostasis still sound like a foreign word to you? Not sure what the difference is between a cell and an organelle? Does just thinking about these questions make you sweat a little? If so, it might be time to consider a biology tutor.

Remember, there's no shame in seeking the assistance of a tutor for any number of reasons, and biology is a highly specialized subject area that can present challenges for many students. If you need a little extra guidance or help in this area, biology tutoring may be a great choice for you.

How To Tell If You Need a Biology Tutor

Biology tutor: Group of students in a Biology class

Most of the time, students seek a biology tutor when they want a little extra help in this subject area. This could mean anything from high-school level AP biology, an intro class about life sciences, college-level molecular biology, or PhD-level biological sciences. Whatever the case is, if you're falling behind or just feel like things aren't clicking, it might be time to line up some private tutoring.

A biology tutor can also be a great idea if you're getting ready for a standardized test that includes biology. This could mean test prep for the Biology AP exam if you're a high school student or the MCAT biology/biochem section if you're a college student aiming for medical school.

The bottom line is that, for the serious science study, a private biology tutor is never a bad thing. If you need some biology help to boost grades, provide homework help, or assist in test prep, biology tutoring sessions are a good idea for you.

How To Choose a Biology Tutor

Biology tutor: Two students looking at a microscope

When you're looking for a biology tutor, there are lots of factors you'll need to weigh.

One of the first should be that person's teaching experience or experience as a science tutor. Most tutors will be able to provide a resume that outlines how many years of experience they have, along with their experience working on test preparation skills. You can even ask for past students’ average score increases on standardized tests or references to double-check a potential tutor's qualifications.

Speaking of qualifications, a tutor doesn't need to be a certified teacher, which means there is no specific qualification required to become a tutor. Because this is the case, it's smart to look closely at experience and references before settling on a tutor.

For instance, someone with a bachelor's degree and five years experience as a high school biology teacher may be a better candidate than someone with no teaching experience but a PhD in cell biology. A good tutor should have experience breaking complex information into engaging, digestible lessons.

You should also consider location when looking for a tutor. If you want in-home tutoring, you'll need to find someone with experience in your specific area of need who also happens to live nearby. It may be easy to find a general biology tutor in New York City, but if you live in a more rural area or have a more specific subject area in mind, it may be harder to find someone nearby.

You'll also need to consider your budget when you're looking for a tutor. Most tutors charge by the hour, and these costs can vary quite a bit depending on their experience level. Costs also differ significantly from one place to another. For example, a high-end tutor in Manhattan will generally cost more than a high-end tutor in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. However, according to Angie's List, you can expect to spend about $45-60/hour on a private in-home tutor.

What If You Can't Find the Right Tutor Near You?

Biology tutor: Soil, notebook, and laboratory glasswares on a table

Of course, if your budget is set and you don't plan on moving anytime soon, it may be tricky to find a tutor who meets all your needs. Maybe there's someone with experience in your subject area but who charges more than you can afford. Maybe you find the perfect tutor, but can’t commute an hour each way to your home.

While these may be deal breakers, the good news is that you have another alternative.

The Benefits of an Online Biology Tutor

As more and more of our learning takes place online, online tutoring platforms like TutorMe are taking off.

Online tutoring through TutorMe provides access to a broad variety of tutors experiences in everything from middle school study skills to medical student biochemistry review. You can filter your search based on subject area and browse profiles of tutors that include their academic and professional experience along with areas of expertise.

Even better, TutorMe provides these services at rates starting as low as $26 per hour. This way, you don't have to sacrifice quality for cost as you perfect your study of biology. For more information about TutorMe and to get a feel of their online teaching platform, check out the online demo lesson space where you and your tutor can share files, edit code, and work through problems on the shared whiteboard.

How To Get the Most From Your Online Biology Tutoring

Young female student having a video conference with her teacher on computer

As with any format of tutoring, you get from the experience what you put into it. Although your tutor will always show up ready to teach and can adapt their teaching style to your needs, the more information you can provide about these needs, the better your tutor will be able to tailor your tutoring sessions.

One way to prepare is to bring work samples. If you have a recent biology test or a course syllabus for the school year, these are great tools to begin with. Highlight the questions you got wrong and don't understand, or select sections of the syllabus that make you nervous. Your tutor will know just how to support you, whether you're preparing for a quick life science quiz or you're majoring in biology and need help editing your thesis.

Also, be sure to put your knowledge to the test between tutoring sessions. Keep up with your homework and class notes, or form a study group to exchange ideas. Then, you can show up for your next session with new questions to move forward with.

Find the Biology Tutor Who’s Right for You

An online tutor explaining a subject to her students via video call

It isn't always easy to find a biology tutor with the right combination of experience, expertise, and rates to match your budget. Finding someone with all these traits and who lives nearby can make your search even harder.

The good news is that online tutoring, like that provided by TutorMe, allows access to high quality tutors at affordable rates, available at just the touch of your finger. Seeking an online tutor can help to simplify your search, as it takes location out of the equation.

Check out the biology tutors available at TutorMe to learn more about how they can help to support all of your biology tutoring needs.

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