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Online Tutoring and Scholastic Success

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During the school year, parents find themselves with a full plate. Not only are you trying to earn money for your family, but you also have to be a human calendar and manage appointments, meetings, and extracurricular activities.

Given all of that, it can be exhausting to help your kids with their homework as well. After a busy day, with both of you drained, everyone could use some help.

With such a hectic schedule, your child may have difficulty keeping up with the class. You're fantastic at your job, but you're likely not a trained teacher, so trying to get your child to understand the concepts they need to understand can be frustrating for both of you.

The solution to the problems above might be an online tutor. Online tutors are vetted for their subject matter expertise and can assist your student in whatever subject they might be struggling with. In this article, you'll learn how an online tutor can set your children up for academic success.

Why you should hire an online tutor

There may be a natural resistance to hiring a tutor as your kids are already going to school with a paid instructor; however, there are several reasons why an online tutor paired with a classroom teacher improves grades.

Private online classrooms

In 2021, 75% of schools plan to operate online; however, online classrooms have seen a 30% increase in failing grades. Unfortunately, not all students benefit from learning in large online classrooms. Often, the younger the child, the more challenging online learning can be.

This hurdle to effective learning boils down to insufficient individual attention. Teachers are used to picking up on non-verbal cues to tell them when a student is off-task. This skill becomes less successful over a computer with numerous faces vying for attention. An online tutor only needs to focus on one face, allowing them to notice vital non-verbal cues that would otherwise be lost in a larger classroom.

Personalized lessons

It is even more difficult for online classrooms to differentiate weak skills. Since 2020, schools have seen decreases in differentiation primarily due to teachers struggling to use the new technology that they've been presented with and differentiating a lesson.

Online tutoring is usually one-on-one, and by its very nature, the lessons are perfectly tailored to the student's needs. All the focus is on your child's academic success, which is impossible in a larger classroom setting.

Homework help

As a busy parent, you may be used to schools stepping up and helping students get their homework done. Unfortunately, getting homework done on time can be difficult with online classes.

Teachers use several tools, including homework journals, to ensure students have the correct assignments and due dates. However, these same tools often don't work online, and students blame technology for late homework.

This deficit puts the student further behind in the long run as they didn't get the necessary practice to master concepts. Online tutoring, however, is made for homework assistance. With fewer students, the tutor can contact the teacher directly, find out the assignment, and ensure it's done promptly, so your child doesn't fall behind in class.

Assisting introverts

Extroverts have an advantage in classroom learning—they're unafraid to speak up, and they get the bulk of a teacher's attention when class is in session. This issue is compounded in large online classrooms, as introverted students can disappear from classroom discussions without the teacher noticing.

One-on-one tutoring is ideal for introverted students. It allows the students a safe space to express what they don't understand without the risk of being judged by other students.

Flexible scheduling

Schools are scheduled for a fixed time and make no allowances for students who have difficulty focusing in the morning or have extracurricular activities.

Online tutoring sessions work in tandem with students' busy schedules and can happen anytime of the day. If they have difficulties performing in the morning, tutoring schedules can be in the afternoon. If they don't do well on days when they have football practice, tutoring sessions can be scheduled on another day.

This flexibility ensures that all students have the same chance of success no matter how busy their lives are.

Increased interaction

Every academic study correlates students' interaction with good grades. However, it's challenging to ensure student interaction in a large classroom setting.

Online tutoring maximizes student interaction because the tutor is just focusing on one student. A private tutor is more likely to diagnose a student's learning gaps than a teacher in a classroom setting and create interactive lesson plans that address those specific weaknesses.

Every lesson with a 1-on-1 tutor is how teaching should be—a give and take between the instructor and student. This type of attention simply doesn’t happen in a traditional classroom setting.

Academic enrichment

Even the best students can benefit from an online tutor. Online tutors are not directly tied to the curriculum that a school is following, so they can create enrichment materials for gifted students or even teach them lessons from higher grades.

In this way, gifted students who are usually bored by their classes' slow and steady pace can zoom ahead at their own faster pace and complete assignments with a difficulty level that better meets their more advanced needs.

Online tutoring sets your student up for success

Some students simply don't succeed in a larger classroom setting. They need individualized attention to focus and have the chance to ask questions without the fear of judgment.

Additionally, students don't all have the same schedule. Scheduling flexibility allows a student to perform when they're the readiest to learn. Only online tutoring mixes individualized attention with a flexible schedule. Every lesson is customized for your child based on their unique academic needs, learning style, and more.

Online tutoring helps equip your child with all the right tools they need to succeed, combining individual attention, tailored lesson plans, and flexible scheduling to empower them to achieve their academic goals.

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