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Why More Parents Are Hiring an Online Tutor for Their Child

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Online tutoring has grown immensely since the beginning of the pandemic. Many parents have found that an online tutor can help provide their children with additional guidance in complicated subjects, fill in learning gaps from disrupted school years, and improve their overall performance and comprehension.

While the pandemic may have brought some of those learning gaps and needs to light, it's not just pandemic-related learning loss that's increasing the use of online tutors across the country.

Why are more parents hiring online tutors for their children? Keep reading to understand why online tutoring is booming and determine whether it could be the right solution for your family.

Online Tutoring Provides Customized, One-on-One Instruction for Your Child

Every child learns at a different rate. The pandemic—and the associated challenges of the last two academic years—have highlighted those differences more starkly than ever. Students have fallen, for example, as much as nine months behind in math, with some students, including low-income populations and students with learning disabilities, seeing even larger learning disparities.

Those gaps are not equal across the board—some students thrived in an online learning environment, while others had parents who did a great job of scaffolding one core subject, but not necessarily the other.

Teachers this year came back to the classroom knowing they would need plans to deal with those immense learning differences. Unfortunately, the average teacher simply doesn't have the time to present a unique plan for each student.

On the other hand, a tutor can deliver tailored instruction just for your child, filling in those gaps and helping them succeed.

Online Tutoring Appeals to Your Child's Unique Learning Style

Not only does your child have a unique learning pace, they likely have a specific instruction strategy that works best for them—one that best incorporates their academic needs and empowers them to improve their overall learning.

In the classroom, teachers must take each student's learning style into account: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Teachers must also focus on the interests of all their students.

Alternatively, a tutor has only your child to worry about during that session, which means they can present the material in the way that will make the most sense to your child specifically. Ultimately, that may mean that your child can learn faster and more effectively.

A Private Tutor Can Help Increase Academic Discipline

During pandemic learning, academic discipline fell by the wayside in many households. 35% of teachers, in a survey, noted that their attendance rate was 25% or less. Only 17% noted that they had at least 75% of their students in class each day.

Communities with a high minority or low-income population and the teachers of students with disabilities may also have struggled immensely when the time came to engage their students. Many of those students did not log in and complete online learning at all. Others had a haphazard approach to completing schoolwork.

Of course, many families had other priorities during that time. Illness in the family (or in the child), a parent struggling to work from home while facilitating online learning for the child, or a child who also needed to serve as a caregiver for other children could all make it very difficult to focus on schoolwork. Meanwhile, young people have displayed soaring rates of depression and anxiety, which could negatively impact their academic performance.

However, as many school districts are moving back to normal, it's time for many families to reprioritize academic discipline and focus on learning—and finding a private online tutor can help achieve these goals.

Online Tutoring Can Help Keep Your Child Motivated and Engaged

Not only can online tutoring help provide support for any academic gaps, but it can also benefit children who may be ahead of the game.

Some students learned well throughout the pandemic. They kept their focus, worked hard, and didn't have any unexpected gaps in learning. Now, they're in classrooms with students who may not have fared so well—and they may feel well ahead of the class.

As a result, they may feel unmotivated and disengaged. Increasingly, students who are top academic achievers may struggle to complete homework or class assignments due to boredom.

An online tutor can help keep your child more engaged. Instead of focusing on areas where your child is behind, the tutor can focus on your child's specific interests or provide access to more engaging content that better fits your child's unique needs. As a result, your child will be in a better position to continue enjoying academic success.

Online Learning Can Help Minimize Communication Gaps and Reluctance

Throughout the 2020/2021 school year, most US students spent at least some time learning remotely. Many students are still restricted to virtual environments because it's the right choice for their family, or their school district is still online.

Unfortunately, online classes can create communication reluctance in students—they might not know how to ask for help when they need it, or they might feel as though the teacher is "too busy" to work with them.

In the classroom, students would be able to clearly see when the teacher was available for support. In a virtual environment, however, it can be much more difficult.

On the other hand, an online tutor is 100% available to your child and can work with them directly to answer questions and provide support when needed. Your child can feel more confident asking questions or sticking with a challenge until they "get it," which can make them feel more confident in the future.

Online Tutoring Is Highly Accessible

Unlike traditional tutoring, which might have to take place in a specific location, online tutoring can occur anywhere.

You can set your child up with a tutor from the comfort of your own home (away from potential virus exposure) or manage online tutoring while on the go, including sitting through a sibling's practice or games. As long as you can give your child a quiet, distraction-free space to learn, you can manage online learning at any time, which can make it easier to stick to your tutoring schedule.

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