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Online ACT Practice Tests


Online ACT Practice Tests

As we discussed in the ACT Study Tips post, one of the most valuable resources when studying for and preparing for the ACT is taking online ACT practice tests (preferably under the same conditions which you’ll take the actual test). Now, that begs the question… where do you find these tests?

Good question. Luckily, we’re here to help. Below is a comprehensive list of online resources and online ACT practice tests to prepare for the ACT.

ACT Online Prep

The best resource for Online ACT Practice Tests comes straight from the source. They have recently launched a full online practice test module, which mimics the exact same format as the actual test. They also offer analytics on your performance, which can help you focus on which subjects and topics you specifically need help in. Along with the official online prep, the official ACT website provides practice questions for every subject featured on the ACT. Along with the practice questions, the test makers post daily “Questions of the Day”. There is no better source for questions than the people who actually write the questions for the test you’ll be taking. Explore the ACT website for all the resources they have to offer.

Free ACT Practice Tests

Every year, the ACT releases one full online practice test for students to use as practice the next year. Below are links to tests from the past few years. Remember, often the test does not change between years, so don’t be alarmed in the jump between years.

ACT Test 2014-2015

ACT Test 2011-2012

ACT Test 2005 – 2006

TutorMe’s Online ACT Preparation Course

Besides from over nine hours of animated content, TutorMe’s course has over 500 practice problems, which equates to over two full exams. These questions test all aspects of the test, and were created by ACT preparation experts.

ACT Prep Books

While these are not online resources, we’ll still recommend purchasing a prep book or two. Check out our official ranking of prep books for suggestions. Along with TutorMe’s rankings, the ACT website has a selection of prep books they recommend.

## How To Use These Resources

There are a few things to keep in mind when using any of these resources. First, take the practice tests under the same conditions as the actual test. Meaning, take it all at once with the designated breaks in between tests. Time yourself with using the same time that is designated for the actual test. It’s important to simulate the test as closely as possible with your practice. Finally, use the results of the practice tests to guide the rest of your studying. Every question on the ACT can easily be categorized. Take note of the categories you did not do as well on, and focus your remaining time studying improving your skills in that area.

Good luck, and don’t forget to check out our post on ACT Study Tips for more strategy to improve your score.

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