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Find the Best Online Spanish Tutor With This Handy Guide

Erika Marty
May 05, 2020

Spanish flags and a chalk board that reads "¿Hablas Español?"

In the digital age, information is at our fingertips and that has made learning new languages more accessible. While online learning isn't the perfect fit for all industries, it is a great avenue for parents who are looking to help their children become proficient in another language like Spanish.

If you're looking to help your child go from knowing only the words "hola," "adiós," and "todos" to speaking Spanish fluently, hiring an online tutor is a great way to accomplish those goals.

There are many benefits to having an online Spanish tutor, but finding the perfect one can be challenging. We made this guide to help you find the best online Spanish tutor for your child's needs. You'll discover where to find the best tutors, what to look for in a tutor, and how much tutors cost, plus we've added a few tips to help your student reach their learning goals while working with an online tutor.

Benefits of Having an Online Spanish Tutor

Working with an online Spanish tutor is a wonderful way to discover a new language and learn the ropes. One of the main benefits of learning Spanish online is that students don't have to commute from home to a classroom. This means students can dedicate that extra time to perfecting their skills and studying the foreign language. For parents, that means saving time and gas money driving to and from Spanish courses so you can focus on other things.

Online classes are also often cheaper than traditional language schools that charge thousands of dollars per language course. We'll go over what you can expect to pay an online tutor later in this article.

Arguably the best benefit of learning a language online with a tutor is that the experience is one-on-one. Students don't have to share a classroom with other students who may be holding them back or who don't have the same desire to truly learn the language. The private lessons ensure the program is tailored specifically to your child's language skills and learning style. Research shows this type of environment offers more flexibility and better time management options compared to traditional learning environments.

Most online Spanish teachers are native speakers, which isn't always the case with in-class environments. Learning from a native Spanish speaker allows students to nail down pronunciation and slang much more quickly than with traditional Spanish lessons.

Where Can You Find an Online Spanish Tutor and How Much Do They Cost?

A student chats with an online Spanish tutor on her computer screen.

There are several different ways you can find an online tutor. Some local tutors offer their services on Craigslist, opening up the opportunity to do a combination of online tutoring and in-person sessions.

The downside with hiring Craigslist tutors is it’s hard to find high-quality tutors. You’ll have to do extra legwork to vet the candidates, which can take a significant amount of time. Online tutor platforms like TutorMe take the guesswork out of finding a tutor by connecting your student with the right online learning professional so you don’t have to do extra research.

Online Spanish tutors charge vastly different hourly rates ranging from as little as $8 per hour to more than $50 per hour. The cost of an online Spanish tutor varies depending on experience, proficiency, where the tutor lives, and the platform you're using.

Tutors in foreign countries in Latin America may charge less than those in America or Europe since the cost of living and thus salaries are lower in those regions. TutorMe offers affordable online tutoring based on four different packages starting at $1 per minute or $69 per month.

Key Qualifications an Online Spanish Tutor Should Have

Spanish tutors come from a wide range of backgrounds. While many may not be classically trained as teachers or educational professionals, the best ones have extensive experience working as foreign language tutors.

Finding the right tutor requires balancing your budget needs with your desire for someone with high-level skills. If your budget is low, you may not be able to afford the highest-earning or most award-winning Spanish tutor, but you'll definitely be able to work with a skilled teaching professional that fits your price range. Here are some of the basic qualifications you should look for in a Spanish tutor.

Language Skills

You want your child's tutor to be proficient in not only Spanish language skills, but also your child's native language. Having a tutor that fluently speaks your child's native language — including English — makes it much easier to clarify topics and avoid misunderstandings from language differences.

Obviously, Spanish language skills are extremely important and should be prioritized. Look for online Spanish tutors who are native Spanish speakers. Since these courses are online, you can choose Spanish teachers who live in the United States or abroad in places like Spain, Colombia, and other parts of Central and South America.

Make sure to keep in mind that working with tutors in other countries, means you'll need to schedule Spanish classes with the time difference in mind.


The best online Spanish tutors don't just know the language natively, they also have years of experience teaching. Teaching experience is a vital qualification as these tutors are more adept at designing lesson plans and adjusting the learning process to suit your students' needs. You don't need to look for a strictly formal teaching experience. Instead, focus on tutors who have extensive experience with a wide variety of students either in the classroom or online.

Look for tutors who have experience working with the proper age group. For example, if your student is in high school, look for tutors who have experience working with high school students. Teaching language lessons to elementary students is a different animal than teaching languages to teenagers or young adults. Finding a tutor that is comfortable working with the right age-groups will make the learning experience more enjoyable and seamless.

Teaching Style

Not everyone learns the same way. Some students have learning disabilities while others simply think about learning in a different way than traditional lessons are designed for. Some students are visual learners while others prefer theory. Look for a tutor who will be able to adjust lesson plans to suit your child's learning style.

You'll also want to pay close attention to the online tutor's demeanor. Look for someone who your student will find interesting, engaging, and easy to talk to. Other qualities to look for in a tutor's personality include patience, flexibility, and the ability to build a rapport with students.

Tools for Studying Spanish Online

A hand clicks a button on a tablet to start a session with an online Spanish tutor

There are many tools you can use to make your online Spanish lessons more successful. Writing tools enable you and your tutor to work on assignments together while video tools make it easier to nail pronunciation. Here are some tools you should think about incorporating into your online spanish lessons.

Video Tools

Students can use visual tools, like TutorMe’s video platform, to conduct online lessons with a Spanish tutor. Online videos make it easy for tutors to use visuals and props to explain new topics. Students can see presentations and lesson plans just by logging in, and they have access to a virtual whiteboard.

Writing Tools

Your student will likely have written assignments they need to complete. While you can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs tends to be a better choice because the document can be shared and both the student and the tutor can work on it at the same time. The tool allows the tutor to make live edits and suggestions, thus creating an engaging learning process.

Tips for Studying Between Tutoring Sessions

Language learning doesn't end when the tutoring lesson ends. Encourage your student to use what he or she learned in the online course in his or her everyday life. Have your child teach you some new words that you can use around the house or in a conversational setting.

Another great way to deepen your child's knowledge of a language is to watch foreign-language films. Look for popular Spanish movies and watch them with the subtitles on to support learning. Alternatively, you can watch your child's favorite movie, but change the language to Spanish. Your student can also listen to Spanish music or Spanish news to further their listening and comprehension skills.

Use flashcards to review words or place sticky notes around the house labeling various items. The idea is to increase points of contact with the Spanish language so your student can continue learning, even outside the online course.

Discover What Online Spanish Tutoring Can Do for Your Child

A stack of books next to an open laptop on a desk

Learning a second language, especially Spanish, is becoming more important in our increasingly interconnected world. If you're looking for online language lessons from qualified tutors, you've come to the right place.

If your student wants to learn a new language, like Spanish, hiring an online language tutor is a great way to support their educational goals. Whether you're looking to support their conversational Spanish skills or help them get a better sense of the Hispanic and Latino culture, hiring an online tutor is a great way to assist your child.

If you want to sample what it's like to work with an online tutor, sign up to get started today. Your student will get a taste of the learning experience and discover what it's like to work with a Spanish tutor online. From the first lesson to the last, your student is in great hands with our online tutors.

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