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Support Your Education With an Online Tutor: What You Need to Know

A student uses her computer for a lesson with an online tutor.

We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to learning new subjects. From elementary school through high school, college, and beyond, working with a tutor is a great way to get the individualized help you need.

Whether you need college-level help with advanced math topics or are learning a second language like Spanish, online tutors can help you master concepts to improve your skills. Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know about working with an online tutor. You’ll learn where to find online tutors, how much they cost, and what to expect from lessons.

Benefits of an Online Tutor vs. an In-Person Tutor

Young student works on homework with the help of an online tutor.

Working with online tutors is a different experience than working with in-person tutors. With in-person tutors, you have to meet the tutor somewhere in your city to go over lessons. This requires spending gas money and driving time to get to and from the study location. The benefit of in-person tutors is they tend to offer one-on-one instruction. They learn your needs and can adjust their lesson plans to suit the areas you need help with.

Hiring an in-person tutor also limits the field of tutors you can work with, as you can only hire local tutors in your area. While that may mean you have a lot of options if you live in a big city, smaller towns and rural areas have less qualified tutoring options.

In recent years, almost every service has become accessible through the internet. Tutoring is one area where the internet has vastly improved offerings and access to subject matter experts. Online tutors offer the same services as in-person tutors but without the hassle of commuting. Additionally, most online tutors offer virtual face-to-face sessions that are also one-on-one, preserving one of the main benefits of in-person tutoring.

Working with an online tutor also means you can access a larger database of subject matter experts. This is because you don’t have to limit your search to people in your immediate vicinity. Instead, you can work with the top tutors, regardless of whether they live in your town, a large U.S. metropolitan community, or in another country.

How to Find an Online Tutor

A student eagerly listens to his online tutor explain the lesson.

There are several online tutoring platforms including TutorMe, Varsity Tutors, Skooli, Wyzant, Tutor.com, and Chegg. Each site connects students with tutors, but they all offer different pricing and tutor arrangements. All you need to get started is a reliable internet connection and a brief understanding of what you need help with.

Some tutoring companies like Wyzant require you to sign up and search for tutors on your own. Other sites like TutorMe ask what you need help with and pair you with a tutor from their database. Some sites offer tutoring only during certain hours while others let you work with a tutor any time you want.

In terms of pricing, some online platforms offer recurring or monthly discounts while others require you to purchase a set number of tutoring hours. Some tutoring services offer a transparent list of their pricing options while others require you to sign up before you can see how much each tutor costs. Tutor pricing may also vary depending on your location and how skilled you need your tutor to be. But we’ll talk more about the cost of an online tutor in a moment.

Choosing the right online tutor involves balancing cost with a tutor’s desired skill level. You may also need to pay more if you need a tutor who can work with special needs or learning disabilities. Read on to learn more about pricing and what to look for in a tutor.

What to Look for in an Online Tutor

An online tutor explains the lesson to a struggling student.

When looking for an online tutor, it’s important to pay attention to the tutor’s background and experience. If you’re studying for your bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, look for a tutor who has extensive experience and deep knowledge in the subject area you need help with. In these cases, look for tutors who are certified teachers or who have extensive tutoring experience. High school students may also want to work with a tutor who has test prep experience as they prepare for college exams like the SAT and AP tests.

If you’re a parent looking for a tutor for lower grade levels such as elementary or middle school subjects, your tutor may not need as much subject area knowledge. Some tutoring experience or basic teaching experience is sufficient. More important than subject expertise is a tutor’s experience successfully engaging and teaching children in your student’s age range. Understanding the child’s developmental stage, how to capture their attention, and how to explain concepts at their level will be key.

When selecting a tutor, it’s important to consider the student’s learning styles. For example, if the tutee is a visual learner, you’ll want to work with a tutor who’s comfortable using video chat and virtual lesson spaces to work through problems. If you or your child learn by doing, look for tutors who let you try working through problems and worksheets on your own.

How Much Do Online Tutors Cost?

The cost of online tutors can vary dramatically. According to Business Insider, tutors can charge more than $100 per hour, especially for more advanced subjects and test prep tutoring. Pricing depends on what service you use, how talented the tutor is, and how much experience the tutor has in the specific subject area.

Tutoring sites like TutorMe make it easy to know what you’ll pay for tutoring services. At TutorMe, you can pay as little as $26 per hour With monthly plans, you’ll choose a number of hours per month and get discounts for additional minutes if needed. With the pay-as-you-go plan, you’ll pay only for the minutes you spend with a tutor.

How TutorMe Works

A student waves hello to her online tutor as they start the lesson.

Getting tutoring help with TutorMe is quick and easy. Just tell us what you need help with, and our proprietary algorithm will match you with the perfect tutor in less than 30 seconds. When you sign up, you’ll have 24/7 access to tutors so you can get last-minute homework help, schedule regular tutoring sessions, or hop onto the interface to ask a quick question.

Learning on TutorMe is designed to be interactive. Our lesson space is like a virtual classroom, as it offers a whiteboard, video chat, and sharing features. The digital whiteboard allows you and your professional tutor to work through problems on the same page. It also offers screen sharing, making it easier to explain and learn new concepts. You can easily share files and documents to get feedback on homework assignments and worksheets.

We only work with the highest quality tutors and offer assistance with a huge range of subjects. You’ll find help with classic subjects including World History and English as well as specialized subjects including Naval Science, Human Ecology, and Public Policy. Whether you or your child seek tutoring services, we’ll help you find the perfect online tutor for your needs.

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