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TutorMe vs Wyzant: A Side-by-Side Comparison of the Tutoring Platforms


TutorMe vs. Wyzant: A student at her computer for an online tutoring session

When it comes to online tutoring, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right platform. With dozens of options including Chegg tutors, Varsity Tutors, Skooli, Tutor.com, Club Z! Tutoring, Smarthinking, Wyzant — and of course, TutorMe — the options seem almost endless.

Not all tutoring platforms are created equally. Many of the tutoring sites mentioned above have rudimentary and outdated learning spaces or don’t use algorithms and dedicated teams to identify the best tutor for each student. That means your child is matched up with whichever tutor has the most availability or is the most desperate to get new clients. Many platforms are unclear about pricing and have limited options when it comes to available subjects.

Here, we’ll compare the tutoring services of TutorMe vs. Wyzant. We’ll show you the benefits of both sites and go over the main differences between the two platforms.

TutorMe vs. Wyzant Breakdown

TutorMe vs. Wyzant: An online tutor works with a student through the computer screen

At their core, TutorMe and Wyzant have the same goal: to help students learn more through the use of tutors. From technology and security to pricing and subject availability, here’s how each site performs.

Wyzant Tutoring Platform

Wyzant’s mission is to offer private one-on-one tutoring with the tutor of your choice. You start by signing your student up and then searching through a database of more than 76,000 students to find the right fit. When you enter a subject, the tutor pool is narrowed down to experts in those areas, but you still need to manually sort through the results to find a tutor.

This puts the onus on parents and students to do the research and choose the right tutor. This can take up valuable time and there’s no good-fit guarantee to ensure your student will work with a tutor that understands their learning style. On the other hand, this arrangement also puts you in the driver's seat if you want more control over choosing the right tutor for yourself or your student.

The Wyzant online tutoring service also tries to set itself apart by offering local in-person or in-home tutoring. While this may seem like a good option, it’s limited to certain areas. In fact, the company only offers in-person tutoring services in seven major cities.

Tutor Quality and Lesson Scheduling

Wyzant states they have tutors for more than 300 subjects. However, the subject dropdown menu on their site only features 33 subjects, with foreign languages noticeably missing. You may be able to find tutors to help with these additional subjects, it’s just not as easy to find them as it is on TutorMe’s site. For example, Wyzant’s site lists five different science subjects. On the other hand, TutorMe features 40 different science categories, making it easier to find the right tutor for every class.

Once you find a tutor on Wyzant, you have to reach out to the tutor and schedule classes in advance. That means there’s no option for your child to get last-minute help on a project or fit in an extra hour of studying before a big exam. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to connect with a tutor or they may have low availability. This makes it difficult to arrange a productive and consistent study schedule with a tutor.

Overall, students and parents are satisfied with the tutoring options at Wyzant. The company maintains a 4.6 rating on TrustPilot with reviewers ranking the company highly in a variety of different subjects. Wyzant has also received recognition from Edtech Digest as a useful learning tool.


When it comes to pricing, hiring a tutor on Wyzant is a bit like the Wild West. There’s no simple pricing guidance on the tutoring website. Instead, you pay whatever the tutor has set as their hourly rate. These rates vary dramatically from $30 per hour all the way up to $200 per hour. There are no discounts for monthly plans and no subscription plans to sign up for.


Online safety and security are important, particularly when children are involved. In late April 2019, the Wyzant tutoring website experienced a data breach that compromised the personal data of students. The stolen data may have included names, email addresses, zip codes, and Facebook profile information if students signed up for the service using Facebook logins.

TutorMe Tutoring Platform

TutorMe vs. Wyzant: A student waves at his computer screen

TutorMe focuses on offering only the highest-quality tutors and crafting a learning space that drives engaging education. Additionally, TutorMe has tutors for hundreds of different subjects and test prep courses.

TutorMe makes it easy to find qualified tutors. Parents and students don’t have to do the legwork of finding a tutor themselves. Instead, you send a request to TutorMe listing the subject areas your student needs help with. The private tutoring website uses a precise algorithm to match your student with the best online tutors in 30 seconds or less. Best of all, you can connect with a tutor 24/7, making it easy to get help even if it’s last minute.

Tutor Quality and Scheduling

TutorMe also stands out when it comes to the quality of tutors. TutorMe works with tutors from the best universities across the globe. Wyzant only recently started working with colleges and still only works with about 10 different universities.

In comparison, TutorMe’s wide network of university tutors covers more than 300 subjects across all grade levels from elementary school, middle school, and high school to college-level tutoring for college students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree. The platform accepts only about 4% of tutor applicants, ensuring access to the highest quality tutors. Most tutors have prior tutoring experience or teaching experience.

As we mentioned earlier, TutorMe makes it easier to find specialized tutoring in all subjects. The dropdown course menu features all sorts of topics from fire science and naval science to seven different physics subsections. And, that’s just the science section. There are also dozens of options for math, computer science, engineering, and foreign language courses, among others.

You don’t have to pre-schedule classes if your student needs help with a topic right now. Since access to tutors is immediate, your student can hop right in and get the help they need. If you sign up for a monthly plan, you can choose to schedule lessons at convenient times, but you can also make changes as needed.

Like Wyzant, TutorMe maintains a 4.6 rating on TrustPilot. Reviewers commented on the high quality of the tutors and the simplicity of signing up for sessions. TutorMe has also received recognition as one of the best tutoring solutions from Edtech Digest, Inside Higher Ed, and Good Housekeeping.


Parents of students can sign up for clearly priced plans or choose a pay-as-you-go option. All of the tutoring services are displayed in the pricing tab of the website so you can decide what’s best for your child and your budget.

TutorMe's pricing structure

With the pay-as-you-go option, you’ll pay $1 per minute of tutoring. Monthly plan options offer two hours for $69 of tutoring, four hours for $119, or eight hours for $209 per month. If your student needs additional help, you’ll pay $0.58 per additional minute on the two-hour plan, $0.50 per minute on the four-hour plan, and $0.44 per minute on the eight-hour plan.

Learning Space

TutorMe also offers a proprietary learning space that makes it easier for students to work with tutors. Your student won’t just hop on a simple Zoom or Skype video call. Instead, they’ll have tutoring sessions in a streamlined lesson space. TutorMe’s lesson space features an interactive whiteboard, audio and video chat functionality, and space to easily share documents like worksheets. The tutor and student can also share their screens, making it easy to work on the same page.

The Bottom Line: Which Tutoring Site Will Best Support Your Learning

Finding the right tutoring options can be difficult with the overwhelming number of choices. When it comes to TutorMe vs. Wyzant, TutorMe offers higher quality tutors, more subject areas, and faster service. With TutorMe, you don’t have to pre-schedule classes, and you can choose from specialized courses that focus on the skills your student needs the most help with.

From test prep for SAT subject tests and college-level exams like the MCAT and the GRE to general subject help, TutorMe offers a qualified tutor to fit your student’s needs. Pricing is transparent, and the proprietary technology makes it easy for your student to actively participate in lessons.

With TutorMe, you’ll never worry about tutor quality. With low acceptance rates, you can rest assured your child’s tutor is an expert in the subject. Even if your child needs assistance in high-level subjects, TutorMe’s partnership with the best universities ensures the highest quality when it comes to tutors.