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Considering a Virtual Tutor? Here’s Everything You Should Know


A student works with a virtual tutor on her laptop

Online learning offers flexibility and choice. Students seeking academic support online can learn whenever they want and choose from a wide range of virtual tutors from across the globe. Online learning formats have only become more popular with the rise of COVID-19 and required social distancing.

More students are seeking tutoring from home and more qualified teachers and tutors are shifting their face-to-face business models to online platforms in order to meet this demand.

Curious about how online tutoring can help you? Here’s everything you need to know about hiring a virtual tutor.

What Is Online Tutoring?

If you’re accustomed to getting help from an in-person tutor throughout the school year, the idea of a virtual tutor may seem intimidating. After all, it can be hard to know what to expect from an online learning experience — especially when working with someone new.

Fortunately, online tutoring can help people achieve their learning goals just as effectively as face-to-face tutoring. In fact, online tutoring is exactly the same as in-person learning, aside from the fact that it happens on a computer. Virtual tutors can support students of all ages with everything from homework help to test prep.

Benefits of a Virtual Tutor

From K-12 students to college graduates, there are virtual tutors for every grade level. Here are the core benefits of tutoring through a virtual classroom, and how this emerging learning model can help you achieve your goals.

Master Important Test Prep

There are an abundance of online classes available for test prep. The SAT, the ACT, and the GRE are all important admissions tests, and there’s no shortage of learning options when it comes to studying for them.

However, virtual tutoring offers a unique and effective way to master test prep, and it may be more effective than looking through a book on your own. Online tutoring offers a personalized experience, which enables students to understand their specific needs and goals. Personalized test prep is also beneficial because it helps students gauge their current learning level, and how to best utilize their time when studying in order to achieve a high score.

Virtual tutors are also equipped to teach test-taking skills and support critical thinking goals — both of which are much easier to learn in a one-on-one teaching environment than from a book or study guide.

Create Your Own Learning Environment

A student on her laptop with a virtual tutor on her screen

The structure of a typical school day is designed with optimum learning in mind. However, this schedule doesn’t always suit the specific learning needs of each student. An online tutor can be advantageous to students who prefer to create their own schedules and design their own learning environment.

For example, you can decide when you meet with your tutor based on when you feel most energized and ready to learn. You can also design your own learning environment at home, whether that means getting a dedicated desk, working near a window, or having an abundance of snacks on hand.

Unlike regular academic environments that follow rigid structures, online tutoring sessions cater to your learning needs.

Get Help in Any Subject

Virtual tutors are available for any subject you need help with. Whether its middle school social studies or advanced computer science, virtual tutoring offers a wide range of skilled professionals to choose from.

Online tutors can also help with multiple subjects at once or with incredibly specific projects. If you need a writing tutor in September and a virtual math tutor in December, you can easily work with multiple tutors specialized in each subject area. A tutor can also help you determine your strengths and weaknesses in a certain area.

Understanding where you’re skilled in a subject that you struggle with can boost your confidence and make you more receptive when working through challenging problems and homework.

Go at Your Own Pace

The most important benefit of having a virtual tutor is that it enables you to work at your own pace. Virtual tutors cater to each student’s needs, so you’ll find someone who will help you work through problems when you need to.

At the same time, a tutor can save you time and make your studying more efficient by helping you cut out material that you’ve already mastered. This is especially important when studying for a big test with an upcoming deadline, such as the SAT.

Virtual tutors also offer personalized learning, which has been shown to help students increase standardized test scores. Unlike online courses, which cater to a broad group of students, personalized experiences like virtual tutoring focus on the areas where you need to improve.

How To Find a Virtual Tutor

A student reviews his notes in front of his laptop

It’s easy to find hundreds if not thousands of virtual tutor options with a quick Google search. But not all tutoring services are created equal. To find a high-quality tutor with expertise at your grade level, here are a few things to consider.

Look for Trustworthy Credentials

It’s crucial that your tutor has experience teaching. On TutorMe, students can browse tutors and look at each one’s profile. Here, students can see a tutor’s education, teaching experience, and work experience.

This information should be transparent and readily available no matter which service you use, as it allows you to trust the person you might be working with. If it’s difficult to see or prove a tutor’s qualifications, they may not be a trustworthy source.

It’s also important to consider if your tutor has testimonials. What have students said about the teacher in the past? What kind of subjects has the tutor taught? These questions can help you determine whether or not the tutor has a dependable track record.

Opt for Someone With Virtual Experience

Lastly, consider if the tutor has taught virtually before. While virtual tutoring offers the same, if not more, benefits than in-person tutoring, it does require certain technical skills. You may want to find a tutor who has demonstrated experience teaching virtually.

Why? Because someone with experience may have tips and tricks for making the most out of the virtual tutoring environment that someone new to the platform may not understand.

Find the Right Fit

The best way to narrow down your options is to reach out to the person and start a conversation. Be clear about everything you need help with — and what goals you have for working with a virtual tutor.

Here, you can establish a rapport and learn more about the tutor and their experience. You can also ask questions about their schedule, which can help you gauge when they’ll be available to help you.

Lastly, you can get a feel for their teaching style to see if it’ll be a good fit for your learning style and the way you absorb information. Such a conversation can help you evaluate whether or not a tutor is the right fit for you. If this process seems overwhelming, TutorMe can help match you directly to a safe, qualified tutor that suits your needs.

Find the Best Virtual Tutor for You

Anyone who’s worked with a tutor knows that the experience can be extremely rewarding. However, finding a virtual tutor can be entirely new territory for many people.

Keeping your eyes out for someone who’s trustworthy, skilled, and educated is the best way to ensure you find the right fit. Plus, knowing what you need help with can ensure you find the perfect match. For more tips on virtual tutoring and to find the best virtual tutor for you, visit TutorMe.

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