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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Volume of a Cone

volume of a cone: cones with different colors

Finding the volume of a cone means determining the full amount of space that this three-dimensional figure takes up. Just like when you find the volume of a cylinder or sphere, there is a cone formula that you must use to find its volume. You’ll need to know the radius of the base of a cone and the height of a cone to find the volume.

What Is the Volume Formula for a Cone?

First, let’s review what a cone is. A cone is a pyramid with a circular base and curved surface that gradually narrows until the tip of the pyramid. Party hats, megaphones, and ice cream cones are common examples of cone-shaped figures.

Knowing how to find the volume of a cone is important because it's a common shape in real life and a recurring topic in many areas of geometry. So to find the volume, you must use the following formula:

Volume of the cone= ⅓ pi times(radius of the cone)²(height of the cone)

In other words:

volume of a cone formula

Let's find the cone calculation of the figure below using the radius of 4 inches and a height of 6 inches. The final answer must be expressed in cubic units (in this case, inches).

volume of the cone computation

Finding the Volume of a Cone


In geometry, you often need to find the volume of three-dimensional shapes. That's why it's so important to know how to find the volume of a cone. When you understand the basic structure of a cone and can input its height and radius in the volume formula, you can determine the volume of any cone-shape figure you come across.

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