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8 Qualities That Make an Online School Tutoring Program Effective

student on laptop using a successful tutor program

Whether a standalone solution or a supplement to an existing program, an effective online tutoring program can provide your students with the support they need to achieve academic success.

But with an overwhelming amount of online tutoring providers on the market, it can be difficult selecting the service that's right for your school.

To help make your search a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 top qualities of effective online tutoring solutions below.

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The Best Ways to Motivate Your Students Online

excited girl on laptop motivated by online learning

At TutorMe, tutors have a unique opportunity to leverage innovative online technology to help students learn and keep them motivated.

As you get to know more students, you'll find that not all people are motivated by the same things. Your motivational strategies will vary depending on each student's age, grade level, and personality.

However, there are some universally effective ways to keep all students engaged. In this article, you'll learn the best strategies to inspire your students online.

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Effective Uses of Technology in Elementary School: 5 Strategies for Integrating Technology Into Your Classrooms

two elementary school students using tablet technology in the classroom

Learning technology has become a mainstay in both traditional in-person and virtual classrooms.

Students expect to use technology. They'll likely need to use that technology for the rest of their lives.

At the same time, you want to offer thoughtful technology integration—using technology that's genuinely beneficial to your students, rather than simply using technology for the sake of saying that you have it.

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How to Get Your K-12 Students to Adopt Online Tutoring

student learning with an online tutor

Online tutoring is a superb student support solution that can bolster your existing in-person tutoring program or be an effective stand-alone solution.

Getting students to adopt online tutoring, however, can prove more difficult. Many K-12 students are new to online tutoring—they haven't had the chance to experience it before and may be reluctant to dive straight in.

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5 Tips for Tutoring Elementary School Kids

elementary students learning in classroom

When it comes to tutoring elementary school students, you need to have a few specialized skills in your bag to connect with them effectively. Students in the K-5 grade levels are different from older children.

As an elementary school tutor, you need to build on the child's educational framework. The way they learn is in a state of development, and they could be struggling with certain concepts for a long time—and then suddenly get it—and seem to advance very quickly.

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