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What Are Like Terms, and How Do You Combine Them?

what are like terms: boy writing

What are like terms? They are terms whose variables and exponents have the same value. If two terms have different variables or different exponents, they are called unlike terms. Here are some examples of like and unlike terms:

Like terms:

what are like terms: like terms

Unlike terms:

what are like terms: unlike terms

Let's break down the defining features of like terms and show you how to combine them.

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How to Write a Fraction as a Decimal: 2 Simple Methods

how to write a fraction as a decimal: decimal to fraction

If you’re looking for the easiest solution for how to write a fraction as a decimal, we’re here to help. Here, we’ll guide you through three simple ways to convert fractions into decimals.

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How to Identify the Constant of Proportionality

constant of proportionality: graph

Image credit: Desmos

The constant of proportionality is the ratio that relates two given values in what is known as a proportional relationship. Other names for the constant of proportionality include the constant ratio, constant rate, unit rate, constant of variation, or even the rate of change.

In this article, we’ll show you how to find the constant of proportionality and graph its equation through reviewing a sample word problem.

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How to Find the Line of Best Fit in 3 Steps

how to find line of best fit: graph

Imagine you are at a new marketing job. You have a set of data in Excel in front of you about sales numbers, and a scatter plot of those data points in a graphing calculator on your desk. Your boss comes by and asks you to give a regression analysis of the data by noon — he needs to know the trend line of the sales. You rack your brain for how to find the line of best fit, remembering that it involves something with finding a straight line on a scatter plot. What do you do?

The least squares regression is a simple linear regression analysis that is used to find the slope of the line that best fits or represents a set of data points.

A linear equation represents the linear relationship between the x-values and y-values of the points on a graph or chart.

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How to Go From Standard Form Equations to Slope-Intercept Form

standard form equation: man writing on the blackboard

The standard form equation is a linear equation that contains two variables, usually (but not limited) to x-terms and y-terms, that are on the same sides of the equation: Ax + By = C

Coefficients A, B, and C must be whole number integers that have no decimals or fractions. In the standard form equation, coefficients B and C can be positive or negative numbers, but coefficient A must be a positive number.

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