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8 Must-Know Tips To Help Your Child Succeed in Math

parent giving child math help with flashcards

Math can be a challenging subject to help your child succeed in. Often, children pick up on our cultural indifference to math and think it's so hard that only the "smart kids" get it, or they have such severe math anxiety that even when they understand it, they perform poorly on tests.

Helping your child with their math homework can also be taxing. Most math topics are only used in specific applications, and you may not have used them yourself since school. Adding to this difficulty, the way math is taught evolves more often than in other subjects. Even if you remember math concepts, you may be unfamiliar with how the subject is taught now.

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How To Help Your Child with Their Math Homework

father giving son math homework help

In households across the country, kids are going back to school, and with school comes homework. Often, children need homework help, but their parents don't remember enough about their studies—particularly arithmetic—to help out. This predicament is frustrating for both the parent and child.

The child feels that an adult should be able to do the math required of them, and the parent believes that the teacher should have presented the information more effectively.

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What Is an Exponent in Math? Your Guide

what is an exponent in math: x squared

Let’s get straight to your question: What is an exponent in math? Well, it’s the repeated multiplication of a specific number by itself. The number of times this value is multiplied by itself is indicated by the value of the exponent.

Let's define exponents and explore the basic rules of exponentiation, which is the process of raising one quantity to the power of another.

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What Is the Average Rate of Change, and How Do You Find It?

average rate of change: girl doing her homework

Average rate of change is the rate at which one value within a function changes in relationship to another. The average rate of change is usually used to determine the slope of a graphed function.

Let's explore how to find the average rate of change and use linear and nonlinear functions to demonstrate it.

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How to Find the Area and Perimeter of a Trapezoid

area and perimeter of a trapezoid

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral, or a polygon with four sides, with one pair of parallel sides and one pair of non-parallel sides. Outside of North America, trapezoids may be referred to as trapeziums.

How do we go about finding the perimeter and area of a trapezoid? Read through for examples.

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