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How Many AP Classes Should I Take? How To Plan Your Workload

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Whether you want to graduate early from college or apply to the Ivy leagues, AP classes offer many benefits for college students.

AP classes are also academically demanding, which looks great on college applications and can make you stand out to admissions officers.

Still, AP courses require a significant time investment, and the number of AP classes you take will depend on your ability to manage a heavy workload. This leaves many high school students asking the question, “How many AP classes should I take?”

Here's how to create a balanced course load that's challenging, but manageable.

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How To Choose the Best AP Classes for College Applications

Best AP classes: Students in a classroom taking an exam

For high-achieving school students eyeing college applications, course selection could make or break your college admissions decisions. Your high school transcript needs to impress college admissions committees and highlight your areas of interest. This usually includes challenging high school coursework, like honors courses and advanced placement (AP) classes.

But not all AP courses are created equal. You will need to choose your advanced placement classes mindfully if you want to get the most out of them. Here are some factors to weigh as you select your AP course load.

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