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How Can ESSER Funds Help Schools Accelerate Learning Recovery?

Group of educators discussing how to accelerate learning recovery

In March 2020, Congress set aside the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, designed to help support schools recover from the pandemic and provide academic support to struggling students within those institutions.

Approximately 20% of ESSER funds used by each district must be spent on evidence-based interventions intended to address learning loss—a concern that has caused persistent issues throughout the pandemic.

ESSER funds can be used to help schools accelerate learning recovery in several key ways.

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How To Make the Most of ESSER Funds for Your School

school leader discussing ESSER funds

ESSER funds, which come from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund, are funds earmarked for helping schools recover from many of the challenges they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ESSER funds can help schools provide support services to their students or enhance their plans and programs to allow student learning to continue at a high level despite the pandemic. Across the nation, K-12 districts are strategically leveraging ESSER funds to bolster student support programs in anticipation of back-to-school season.

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