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8 Must-Know Tips To Help Your Child Succeed in Math

parent giving child math help with flashcards

Math can be a challenging subject to help your child succeed in. Often, children pick up on our cultural indifference to math and think it's so hard that only the "smart kids" get it, or they have such severe math anxiety that even when they understand it, they perform poorly on tests.

Helping your child with their math homework can also be taxing. Most math topics are only used in specific applications, and you may not have used them yourself since school. Adding to this difficulty, the way math is taught evolves more often than in other subjects. Even if you remember math concepts, you may be unfamiliar with how the subject is taught now.

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2 Formula for Finding the Area of a Rhombus

area of a rhombus: rhombus

Image credit: Desmos

Trying to find the area of a rhombus can be simple. Here, we’ll look at the two formulas for the area that don’t use trigonometry so you can find your answer without too many headaches.

You can use one of these two formulas to find the area of a rhombus:

area of a rhombus formula 1

In this formula, h is the length of the height and s is the length of any side.

area of a rhombus formula 2

Here, p and q are the lengths of your two diagonals.

Before we show you how to use these formulas, let's explain what a rhombus is.

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What Are the Four Coordinate Plane Quadrants?

coordinate plane quadrants drawn on a blackboard

There are four coordinate plane quadrants you’ll need to know when plotting points or graphing lines on the coordinate plane. The coordinate plane, also known as the coordinate grid, cartesian coordinate system, or Cartesian plane, is constructed by taking a vertical axis, or the y-axis and setting it against a horizontal axis, or the x-axis. This creates a grid with four quadrants.

The four coordinate plane quadrants don't have names but are simply known as the first quadrant, second quadrant, third quadrant, and fourth quadrant.

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Volume of a Cone

volume of a cone: cones with different colors

Finding the volume of a cone means determining the full amount of space that this three-dimensional figure takes up. Just like when you find the volume of a cylinder or sphere, there is a cone formula that you must use to find its volume. You’ll need to know the radius of the base of a cone and the height of a cone to find the volume.

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How to Find the Volume of a Half Sphere

how to find volume of half sphere: 3D sphere in half

Understanding how to find the volume of a half sphere, or in other words, the volume of a hemisphere, is easier than it seems. Keep in mind that volume is the amount of space that a three-dimensional shape takes up, whereas the surface area is the total area of all the surfaces of that three-dimensional shape.

First, we need to review the formula for the volume of the sphere. The volume formula for a sphere is (4𝛑r²)/3, where r stands for the radius of the sphere. (The radius is the distance from the center of the sphere).

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