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How Can On-Demand Tutoring Increase the Achievement Level of All Students?

Student using on-demand tutoring to pursue their career interests

Historically, tutoring has been seen as a resource primarily for struggling students. Often, schools elect to incorporate on-demand tutoring as a support for students at risk of failing a class or failing to meet graduation requirements. Recent interruptions to education related to the pandemic and falling test scores have only exacerbated this view of on-demand tutoring as an academic intervention.

While on-demand tutoring is a great resource to support struggling students, it’s also an avenue to provide personalized learning to all students. Personalized learning goes beyond academic recovery, to include opportunities for enrichment and individualized instructional support. In a recent EdWeek Market Brief, "The Critical Tutoring Needs of Rural School Systems," Wyoming School District Superintendent Shane Ogden noted that, prior to partnering with TutorMe for on-demand tutoring, his district teachers had to stay after school to tutor students.

These tutoring sessions quickly became more about homework help than about really evaluating the skills students needed in order to grow. His district needed an option that would allow students to access tutoring beyond after-school sessions, without burdening his limited staff with additional responsibilities and stress.

By choosing an on-demand model for tutoring, Superintendent Ogden observed the vast impact that such a program could have on all students, not just students struggling academically.

Instead of focusing on using on-demand tutoring to only support struggling students, districts can leverage this resource to allow for personalized learning for all students, increasing the capacity for student achievement across the board.

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Implementing Equity-Based, Personalized Learning in Your District

Group of teachers discussing the implementation of an on-demand tutoring program

Following years of interrupted learning and additional challenges faced during the pandemic, the need for personalized learning support within the K-12 classroom has only grown. With recent national assessment data demonstrating the alarming need for immediate and proactive academic support, many districts have turned to on-demand tutoring to provide personalized learning support in the classroom and out of it. This adoption is unsurprising– tutoring has been consistently linked in educational studies as one of the most high-impact interventions and academic support tools in the K-12 space.

A key component addressing these knowledge gaps and moving the educational world ahead is implementing support structures rooted in equity. Equity in education aims to provide equal opportunity to all students as they build the skills and knowledge they need in order to excel.

On-demand tutoring is an essential part of providing equitable support by reducing barriers that may prevent students from accessing traditional tutoring. However, simply signing a district up for on-demand tutoring may not fully meet your equity initiatives. Just like any new resource or program, the implementation process is key to ensure that on-demand tutoring is continuously contributing to equity and academic support initiatives. To help during this implementation process, we’ve compiled a quick overview of essential strategies to include when bringing personalized learning support to your district.

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Teacher vs. Tutor: Why Most Kids Need Both

Teacher in a classroom with multiple students

Some people use the terms "teaching" and "tutoring" interchangeably. This can be confusing—especially if you're an online tutor!

The main difference between teaching and tutoring is in the number of students. Teachers impart their knowledge and skills to a classroom of students, while tutors help students learn in a personalized, small group or one-on-one session.

In this article, we'll explore what a teacher is, what a tutor is, why students need each type, and the similarities and differences between teachers and tutors.

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How to Encourage Elementary School Students to Utilize Free Tutoring

Elementary school student trying online tutoring for the first time

Online tutoring is a transformative resource that has the potential to support deeper learning for many elementary students. Not only that, but it's a free resource accessible to all students. However, online tutoring is only effective if schools drive their students to adopt it.

As you start your promotional campaign, parents should be your primary audience. However, you may also want to use strategies geared toward increasing interest on the part of your elementary school students.

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Academic Integrity in Online Tutoring Matters

Online tutoring sessions designed to promote academic integrity

Academic integrity means demonstrating honesty and good morals in all aspects of academia. Students, teachers, tutors, and anyone else involved in education should show this type of integrity, whether in a physical classroom or at home.

Academic integrity is particularly essential in online learning. Keep reading to find out why it’s so important for tutors and students to remain honest throughout the learning process.

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