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TutorMe vs. Tutor.com: Who Wins on the Study Scale?


TutorMe vs Tutor.com: A smiling student works with an online tutor on her laptop

You made the decision to hire a tutor … now what? You need a tutor who can work around your ever-hectic schedule, knows the subject matter inside and out, and (let's face it) won't burn a hole through your wallet.

Whether you're looking for a tutor for yourself, your child, or a student in your own classroom, beginning your search can be overwhelming. Rather than exhaust yourself searching for a tutor referral, you decide to go with an online tutoring platform, and have your choice narrowed down to two sites: TutorMe vs. Tutor.com.

TutorMe and Tutor.com are two of the most popular and trusted tutoring platforms on the internet. And while they may look similar on the surface, there are a few differentiating factors. We'll dive into the pros and cons of each choice, narrowing down your top two to a final one.

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What Qualities Make a Good Tutor? 5 Traits To Consider in Your Search


What qualities make a good tutor: An online tutor works at her computer

Hiring a tutor can make a significant impact on further education or even career aspirations. According to a report conducted by Zion Market Research, the private tutoring market is expected to reach nearly $180 million by 2026. This shows an annual growth rate of 7.1% between 2018 and 2026, displaying the growing value placed on education.

If you’re considering hiring a tutor for yourself, your child, or a student in your classroom, you may be wondering, "What qualities make a good tutor?" Below, we share various qualities that make a good tutor and how to make each tutoring session a success.

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What To Look for in an SAT Tutor and How To Find One

A high school student interacts with an SAT tutor through his laptop

The SAT is the most important standardized test a high schooler takes. This exam is a crucial aspect of the college admissions process, and scoring well can help you get accepted to the institution of your choice.

While this test is certainly challenging, a tutor can help. Working with an SAT tutor can ensure you’re prepared for the test. In addition to understanding the content of the test, a tutor will make sure you know the format and design of the exam.

When you know what to expect, you’re likely to feel more confident and perform well on the test. Here’s what to look for in an SAT tutor and how to find the right one for you.

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How Much Should You Pay a Tutor Per Hour? A Rate Breakdown


How much should you pay a tutor per hour: A piggy bank sits on top of a stack of books

Working with a tutor can vary dramatically when it comes to price and skill level. A tutor who is helping an elementary school student with basic math principles will cost much less than a tutor who works with college students on complex topics like organic chemistry.

So, how much should you pay a tutor per hour? Well, that depends on a variety of factors including the tutor’s expertise and education level, and how difficult the subject matter is. Where and how you hire a tutor can also affect how much you’ll pay. Online tutoring services typically charge set monthly or hourly fees for tutoring while private tutors may charge additional fees for travel time and other factors.

Here’s what you need to know about the cost of tutoring services and where you can find the best tutors.

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What To Look for in a Statistics Tutor and Where To Find One

Statistics tutor: A student works with an online tutor through her computer

The study of statistics is most often associated with mathematics. It’s true that statistics and modeling requires an understanding of basic math concepts. Yet, the field of statistics extends far beyond math, playing an important role in nearly every industry.

That’s why a statistics teacher is so important: For anyone seeking a career path that involves statistics, a math tutor simply won't do.

It’s key to find someone with a well-rounded understanding of both statistical computations and their many uses across work and society. Here’s a look at what an online statistics tutor can do for you and how to find one.

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