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How Online Tutoring Supports Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Student during an online tutoring session that incorporates social-emotional learning

When we think of learning, math and reading are usually the first things that come to mind. Yet, in order to learn these fundamental skills that help lay the groundwork for more advanced subjects, we need to teach our children about Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).

SEL involves developing skills, such as responsible decision-making, social awareness, self-awareness, relationship skills, and self-management, to help pave the way for a more successful life in and out of school.

Yet, how do you teach your students this when your teachers are already struggling to find the time and resources to cover the academic subjects students must learn to pass the test? There aren't enough hours in the day to cover all the essentials, and it can be very frustrating to lay something else on your teacher's plate.

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