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Should I Hire a Tutor for My Elementary School Student?

elementary school student in classroom applying lessons from tutors

For many parents, the decision to hire elementary school tutors is daunting. Some questions like these may come to mind:

Does my elementary school student really need a tutor?

They have resources in school—won't they catch my child up?

Will my child feel like seeing a tutor is a punishment?

My child spends so many hours at school already. Do they really need a tutor in their out-of-school hours?

However, if your child is struggling with academic difficulties,a tutor can alleviate a great deal of stress.

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When Should My Child Learn to Read?


young child begins reading picture book

Whenever parents get together, the same question arises: When should my child learn to read?

The age a child begins reading can vary. The majority of children read by ages six or seven—in other words by first or second grade—yet some learn to read earlier.

However, an early start does not mean a child has an advantage in later grades as kids' abilities tend to catch up with one another as they get older.

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How to Create a Positive Learning Environment for Young Students


parent with child working in a positive learning environment

Education can happen anywhere—in a classroom, at home, online, or even on the go. Young students absorb knowledge wherever they are, so it's up to the adults to create positive environments suitable for learning.

Teachers do this in the classroom, our tutors do it online, and parents can learn how to do this at home.

In this article, you'll discover how to foster a learning environment that will encourage academic curiosity and growth.

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How To Help Your Child with Their Math Homework

father giving son math homework help

In households across the country, kids are going back to school, and with school comes homework. Often, children need homework help, but their parents don't remember enough about their studies—particularly arithmetic—to help out. This predicament is frustrating for both the parent and child.

The child feels that an adult should be able to do the math required of them, and the parent believes that the teacher should have presented the information more effectively.

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Online Tutoring and Scholastic Success

student on laptop building good school/study habits with online tutor

During the school year, parents find themselves with a full plate. Not only are you trying to earn money for your family, but you also have to be a human calendar and manage appointments, meetings, and extracurricular activities.

Given all of that, it can be exhausting to help your kids with their homework as well. After a busy day, with both of you drained, everyone could use some help.

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