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The Best Ways to Motivate Your Students Online

excited girl on laptop motivated by online learning

At TutorMe, tutors have a unique opportunity to leverage innovative online technology to help students learn and keep them motivated.

As you get to know more students, you'll find that not all people are motivated by the same things. Your motivational strategies will vary depending on each student's age, grade level, and personality.

However, there are some universally effective ways to keep all students engaged. In this article, you'll learn the best strategies to inspire your students online.

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How to Become a Better Middle School Tutor

middle school tutor

Middle school students have an undeserved negative reputation for being disobedient, disinterested, and disruptive.

As a result, they're considered one of the most challenging age groups to teach, and many teachers and tutors will outright avoid working with middle school students.

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How To Make a Good Impression as an Online Tutor

online tutor on call with student

When it comes to being an online tutor, the first impression you make on your student sets the tone and affects the productivity and outcomes of the entire tutoring session.

Making a positive impression on your student fosters a safe, supportive environment that leads to effective learning; making a negative impression can cause a student to shut down and impede their ability to learn.

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The Best Resources for Online Tutors

tutor with laptop and whiteboard using online resources

No tutor should feel the need to reinvent the wheel—no matter which subject you specialize in, there are resources available to help you teach it.

Being the best mentor to your students doesn’t mean you have to know everything. It means you care enough to learn more about them and what they need to know to succeed.

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How to be a Culturally Competent Tutor

culturally responsive tutoring

In today's multicultural learning environment, it's more important than ever for tutors to follow culturally responsive teaching practices.

As a culturally competent tutor, you can create an engaging learning environment that's accessible to a broader range of students. The journey to becoming a culturally competent tutor can mean examining your existing assumptions and practices to pivot to a new, more effective strategy.

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