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Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes That Online Tutors Make

online tutor on student’s laptop screen

Various types of online learning have been around for decades, but virtual learning as we know it today is still relatively new.

As a result, online tutors experience a learning curve as they try out the technology on our platform.

If you feel like you have not mastered the online learning experience yet, you’re not alone.

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How To Make a Good Impression as an Online Tutor

online tutor on call with student

When it comes to being an online tutor, the first impression you make on your student sets the tone and affects the productivity and outcomes of the entire tutoring session.

Making a positive impression on your student fosters a safe, supportive environment that leads to effective learning; making a negative impression can cause a student to shut down and impede their ability to learn.

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How to be a Culturally Competent Tutor

culturally responsive tutoring

In today's multicultural learning environment, it's more important than ever for tutors to follow culturally responsive teaching practices.

As a culturally competent tutor, you can create an engaging learning environment that's accessible to a broader range of students. The journey to becoming a culturally competent tutor can mean examining your existing assumptions and practices to pivot to a new, more effective strategy.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Tutoring

parent talking to son about online tutoring for kids

You've decided to get a tutor for your child, but you aren't sure how they'll react to this. Some children love the idea of a special teacher and one-on-one learning. Others think, "Oh no, more school!"

Whatever your child's initial reaction is, there will be an adjustment period, getting used to the tutor-student dynamic and the information taught.

However, don't let your child's first response change your mind—here’s how to talk to your kids about online tutoring.

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Online Tutoring: The Role of the Parent

parent with child asking questions about online tutor session

As a parent, you've helped your child get on the right track to success by working with an online tutor—but your work doesn't end once you've connected your student to a tutor who can help them achieve academic success.

Just what is the role of the parent in the online tutoring process—and how can your contributions increase your child's success in tutoring and the classroom?

Let’s dive into these questions and explore what you can do to support your child and their tutor.

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