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TutorMe Is Here To Help.

With the continued spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), schools around the world
are deciding how to handle possible campus closings and bringing all courses and
students fully online. TutorMe is available to partner with you to address evolving
needs regarding academic support. We are working with schools to facilitate large
scale tutoring including 24/7 support, the migration of peer tutors online,
interactive lesson space with video/audio tools, and asynchronous paper reviews.

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Preparing Your Institution for COVID-19 with online tutoring

Step 1

Integrate TutorMe via LTI into your Learning Management System.

Step 2

If necessary, onboard current peer tutors via TutorMe’s Tutor Portal.

Step 3

Notify students, faculty, and administrators that TutorMe is available immediately, with support from TutorMe’s Student Success Managers.

Here when you need us

24/7 on-demand tutoring in over 300 subjects, from a topic as common as algebra to quantum mechanics. Students can instantly connect with an expert tutor - outside of class, faculty office hours and when other on-campus services are closed.

Get started quickly

Whether you’re interested in using TutorMe as a supplement to your current tutoring resources or want us to handle all your students’ tutoring needs, we have customized solutions that fit any integration needs. We can integrate with any Learning Management System in less than 10 minutes.

Data that means something

Administrator dashboard gives you full transparency on students’ progress and provides early action alerts if they’re struggling. For example, our system notifies you when a significant percentage of students struggle with a particular concept, providing valuable insights for instructional design.

Only the best tutors

A less than 4% acceptance rate means only the highest standards. Our network of individually screened tutors includes certified teachers, professionals, and upper-class college students.

Advanced lesson space

Lessons are facilitated on the most capable lesson space available, which includes a virtual whiteboard, audio/video communication, text/code editor, screen sharing and much more.

Additional Advisors

TutorMe can help students outside the classroom as well. Our in-house academic advisors work with students on time-management, study skills and career paths.

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