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Cliff Y.
Physics tutor
Math + Science Tutor (Highschool and above)
I am currently a graduate student at Michgan State University in the chemistry Ph.D. program. I work as Graduate Teaching Assistant and plan to continue teaching during...
Don P.
Physics tutor
College Physics and Math instructor for 30 years
I taught college algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, introductory statistics and physics for 30 years and enjoy helping students master these classes. I have, also, helped...
Ember G.
Physics tutor
Electrical Engineer
Graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Nuclear Engineering. I have worked in the field for one year. I presented 3 research projects at the...
Fayçal M.
Physics tutor
Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology tutor for 2 years
I am a Pharmacist with a Ph.D. degree from Algeria, specializing in biochemistry and molecular biology. I am bilingual in English/French. My experience during my Ph.D.
Jeff G.
Physics tutor
Chemistry and Physics Professor.
I teach chemistry, physics, and physical science at a community college. I enjoy tutoring students in high school chemistry, general chemistry, organic chemistry, high...
Lara F.
Physics tutor
MS, MBA, CSSGB Animal Science, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Writing, Corporate Finance and Accounting
Hello! My name is Lara and I am very excited to work with you! I have a passion for both teaching and learning from my students. I currently hold three college degrees...
Laura C.
Physics tutor
Bilingual Teacher 3+ years of experience
I'm an engineer by profession but a teacher by vocation. I have 3+ years of experience teaching in bilingual middle schools in Colombia. I have taught math in English,
Leandro R.
Physics tutor
Electronic Engineer
I am an electronic engineer and I am currently pursuing my master's degree. I have extensive knowledge in the area of Mathematics and Programming.
Moizza A.
Physics tutor
Online Tutor for 3 years
Hello! I am Moizza and I am an online tutor. I have three years of tutoring experience. I have got a Master's degree in Biology as well. My style of teaching is calm and...
Pavel Z.
Physics tutor
Math and Science Tutor
My teaching career started as TA in grad school where I work with different physics courses and did a little private tutoring. I have been working as a tutor (both in...
Ramy R.
Physics tutor
BS in Neuroscience and Psychology
Right now, I am in the process of deciding between joining a PhD program in Artificial intelligence or Cognitive Neuroscience. If you want learn more about any topic,
Sanjana P.
Physics tutor
Tutor for 5+ years
I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at Case Western Reserve University majoring in Biology B.A. and minoring in Arabic and Chemistry. My current career goal is to...
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