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Introverts Have The Potential To Learn More Effectively Via Online Tutoring

Tutoring introverted students via one-on-one virtual instruction

The pandemic thrust students and teachers into virtual learning with little time to prepare. Many teachers and students alike had to figure out how to adapt on the fly. Some students struggled to acclimate to online learning.

For many introverted students, however, online learning gave them new opportunities to thrive. Some students quickly discovered that online learning provided more opportunities to learn at their own pace, slightly separated from other students.

Online learning, in many cases, also offers more direct, one-on-one interaction with an instructor.

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Academic Integrity in Online Tutoring Matters

Online tutoring sessions designed to promote academic integrity

Academic integrity means demonstrating honesty and good morals in all aspects of academia. Students, teachers, tutors, and anyone else involved in education should show this type of integrity, whether in a physical classroom or at home.

Academic integrity is particularly essential in online learning. Keep reading to find out why it’s so important for tutors and students to remain honest throughout the learning process.

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How Online Tutoring is Boosting Academic Recovery in K-12 Students

Student seeing increased academic recovery by having a one-on-one tutor

The pandemic is finally dwindling, and many students are finally able to return to a more conventional school schedule. However, the resulting learning loss and opportunity gaps are still very much an issue for K-12 students.

The average student lagged approximately five months behind in learning due to the pandemic. Some groups, including economically disadvantaged students and students with learning disabilities, have fallen even further behind.

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How to Become a K-12 Tutor Your Students Will Love

Online tutor focusing on engagement as they become a K-12 tutor

Tutoring K-12 students offers tutors a unique opportunity to connect with and inspire children to develop a lifelong love of learning.

In order to have that influence over your students, however, it's critical to foster a good rapport and relationship with them. If you don't have a good relationship with your students, you may find it much more difficult to achieve your overall goals.

Are you ready to cultivate deeper relationships with your K-12 students? Try out these strategies for becoming a tutor your students will love.

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How to Make the Most of Your School's Tutoring Program

student talking to a tutor during a one-to-one tutoring session

Your school's tutoring program is an excellent intervention to support your students' success, whether you're offering students additional guidance in areas where they may be struggling or more opportunities to explore subjects that may interest them.

In order to maximize the impact your tutoring program has on your students, these specific strategies can help improve overall student success rates and enable your students to excel.

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