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Is Your Child Ready for the Next Grade Level?


child raising hand in class ready for grade level progress

In every school, teachers and parents evaluate their student's progress over the school year at the end of the term.

Sometimes a conflict erupts—either the teacher feels the child is not ready to progress to the next grade level or the parents do.

Then comes the question that keeps principals up at night—should the child be held back, or is that damaging, and should they progress normally?

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What Should My 7-Year-Old Know?

7-year-old at school

Keeping up with your child's academic progress can feel challenging, especially if you aren't familiar with norms or aren't sure what your child should know at each stage of development.

What exactly should your 7-year-old know? Your child's teacher may be the best authority on how your child stacks up compared to their peers since their teacher works directly with them regularly and knows what content has already been covered.

However, there are some fairly universal guidelines you can use to gauge your child's overall academic progress.

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How Tutoring Can Help Your Child Read Above Their Grade Level


child reading a novel without help

Reading is one of the most vital skills your child will learn in elementary school. You may receive regular communications from your child's school about the importance of reading to your child daily or have requirements straight from your child's teacher that require you to let your child read every night.

However, boosting your child's reading level may seem like a complicated task. How can you help your child with reading above grade level, especially if you aren't sure what types of materials your child might benefit from most?

A tutor can help your child improve their reading level—and even get your child above grade level.

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When Should My Child Learn to Read?


young child begins reading picture book

Whenever parents get together, the same question arises: When should my child learn to read?

The age a child begins reading can vary. The majority of children read by ages six or seven—in other words by first or second grade—yet some learn to read earlier.

However, an early start does not mean a child has an advantage in later grades as kids' abilities tend to catch up with one another as they get older.

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Academic Goals: How To Stay Motivated To Achieve Success


Academic goals: Girl using a table inside an office

The ability to set goals in high school can help you make important decisions regarding your future, and it can ensure you stay on track toward higher education plans.

Still, setting goals can feel overwhelming — especially if you don't know where to start. Here's how to create a straightforward formula for setting short and long-term goals that can guide you toward academic success.

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