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Online Tutoring: The Role of the Parent

parent with child asking questions about online tutor session

As a parent, you've helped your child get on the right track to success by working with an online tutor—but your work doesn't end once you've connected your student to a tutor who can help them achieve academic success.

Just what is the role of the parent in the online tutoring process—and how can your contributions increase your child's success in tutoring and the classroom?

Let’s dive into these questions and explore what you can do to support your child and their tutor.

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Why More Parents Are Hiring an Online Tutor for Their Child

young student working with an online tutor

Online tutoring has grown immensely since the beginning of the pandemic. Many parents have found that an online tutor can help provide their children with additional guidance in complicated subjects, fill in learning gaps from disrupted school years, and improve their overall performance and comprehension.

While the pandemic may have brought some of those learning gaps and needs to light, it's not just pandemic-related learning loss that's increasing the use of online tutors across the country.

Why are more parents hiring online tutors for their children? Keep reading to understand why online tutoring is booming and determine whether it could be the right solution for your family.

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Should I Hire a Tutor for My Elementary School Student?

elementary school student in classroom applying lessons from tutors

For many parents, the decision to hire elementary school tutors is daunting. Some questions like these may come to mind:

Does my elementary school student really need a tutor?

They have resources in school—won't they catch my child up?

Will my child feel like seeing a tutor is a punishment?

My child spends so many hours at school already. Do they really need a tutor in their out-of-school hours?

However, if your child is struggling with academic difficulties,a tutor can alleviate a great deal of stress.

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5 Signs Your Child Needs an Online Tutor

kid using online tutoring for homework

Does your child need academic support from a tutor? Just as importantly, is online tutoring the best solution for your kid's educational and personal needs?

More often than not, your child will not outright tell you they need a little extra help with their studies. If you see these five signs, you may find that an online tutor can help your child overcome challenges in the classroom, improve a poor attitude toward school, or even alleviate academic dishonesty.

Are you noticing these signs in your child?

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Remote Learning Helps Students Learn and Study Better Post-Pandemic

student remote learning

As most schools in the United States reopen their doors to in-person learning for the fall, many students and parents revel in this comforting return to normalcy.

But like other facets of society, the pandemic has permanently reshaped the educational system in many ways.

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