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6 Types of Fractions You Need to Know

types of fractions: Pizza cut into four slices with one slice shaded

There's a total number of six different types of fractions. The three major types are proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed fractions. Let's explore the properties of a fraction and define each type.

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Is Zero an Integer? Yes — Here’s Why

is zero an integer: Number line that shows whole numbers are integers

You know zero is a rational number. But is zero an integer? To find out, let's review the definition of an integer: A number with no decimals or fractional components. By this definition alone, zero would classify as an integer.

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What Are Whole Numbers, and Why Are They Important?

what are whole numbers: Cartoon illustration of raised hands counting from zero to five

What are whole numbers? They are simply counting numbers like 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on. Whole numbers are the numbers you'd list off the top of your head or count on your hands.

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How to Round to One Decimal Place: Your Step-by-Step Guide

round to one decimal place: Diagram with the names of each place value

In order to round to one decimal place, you must be familiar with the concept of rounding numbers. You also need to know the names of each decimal place that lie to the right of the decimal point. In this article, we'll explain these terms and show you two ways to round to the first decimal.

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What Are the Properties of Real Numbers?

properties of real numbers: Colorful diagram showing the different types of numbers

In math, there are many different sets of numbers to work with. One set of numbers is known as real numbers. When it comes to the properties of real numbers, there are several important properties to know:

  • Additive identity
  • Multiplicative identity
  • Commutative property of addition
  • Commutative property of multiplication
  • Associative property of addition
  • Associative property of multiplication
  • Distributive property of multiplication

A property is just a way of expressing a characteristic or something that is true about real numbers. Knowing these properties will help you reduce or simplify algebraic expressions. Let's look at each property in detail to understand them better.

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