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6 Triangle Rules You Need to Know

triangle rules: Diagram of an obtuse triangle

Triangle rules and theorems allow us to understand the properties of this shape. As one of the most central elements of trigonometry, triangles have many geometric rules. Among other things, these help us to distinguish right triangles from equilateral triangles and isosceles triangles.

Let's review some of the most notable trigonometric triangle rules.

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An Introduction To Exponential Regression

Graph of an exponential regression model

Exponential regression is the process of determining the exponential function equation that most accurately fits a set of numbers and coordinates. Exponential functions are written like so:

exponential regression: Exponential function equation

Where b > 0 and b ≠ 1.

In exponential regression, coefficient b represents the base of the function (the number being raised to a power) and x represents the exponent of this base.

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How To Find the Height of a Triangle in 3 Different Situations

how to find height of a triangle: what each side of a triangle is called

In trigonometry, the height of a triangle can be determined in many different ways depending on whether it's a right triangle, isosceles triangle (a triangle with two equal sides), or equilateral triangle.

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What Makes Two Shapes Similar Figures?

Two figures are considered to be "similar figures" if they have the same shape, congruent corresponding angles (meaning the angles in the same places of each shape are the same) and equal scale factors. Equal scale factors mean that the lengths of their corresponding sides have a matching ratio. Knowing how to identify similar figures makes it easier to prove geometric theorems and postulates.

There's a difference between similar and congruent figures. Two shapes are congruent when they are the same exact size and have the same angle measurements. Similar figures, on the other hand, do not have to be the same size.

Below is an example of similar shapes:

similar figures: Diagram showing two similar shapes

Although they are different sizes, triangle ABC and triangle DEF are considered similar triangles because they have proportional shapes and angles. Triangle ABC is simply an enlargement of DEF.

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Finding the Vector Magnitude of a Line Segment

Vector magnitude is the distance between the initial point and terminal point of a directed line segment. Here is a picture of vector AB:

Vector magnitude: Picture of vector AB

The length of the vector, in this case, is expressed as absolute value AB (|AB|).

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