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Summer Learning Loss: 3 Ways to Stay Sharp During Vacation


Summer learning loss: Little girl reading a book while laying on the grass

For many students, the school year is long and mentally draining. When the summer months approach and the final day of classes gets out, thoughts of studies are quickly replaced by barbecues, beach trips, and busy days with friends.

Taking a break from school is healthy, but prolonged time off can result in summer learning loss. This can increase the achievement gap and make it harder for students to keep up in their grade level when the new school year starts, especially if they're already struggling.

Here's a look at what summer learning loss is, why it’s especially important in our era, and how to prevent it.

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How To Apply for FAFSA: Everything Students Should Know


Apply for FAFSA: Two boys looking at computer

If you’re applying to college this year or next, you’re probably wondering how it’ll cost. College is a major investment, and it can be overwhelming to see just how much it costs. Fortunately, there are many sources of funding available to you, and the FAFSA form help makes this possible. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Student Aid.

This form is essential if you want to receive federal funding for your college education. Still, there’s no denying the financial aid process can be confusing and overwhelming. We’ll tell you how to apply for FAFSA, when the application is due, and why it matters.

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The Best Study Apps According to Function and Learning Style

Michelle Polizzi
September 14, 2020

Young woman using a cellphone on city streets

Scrolling through the app store in search of a study app can be overwhelming to say the least. There are dozens of options, and many of them look functional and helpful. But how do you know which one’s right for you? How do you choose one that can help you ace your test and achieve your career goals?

Fortunately, today’s students have a wide range of technology that can make studying more enjoyable and more effective. Study apps help students with memory recall through digital flashcards, to-do lists, quizzes, step-by-step learning, and more.

Whether you’re a high school student needing help with science or a college student in search of better math study tips, study apps can help you study more effectively.

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Considering a Virtual Tutor? Here’s Everything You Should Know


A student works with a virtual tutor on her laptop

Online learning offers flexibility and choice. Students seeking academic support online can learn whenever they want and choose from a wide range of virtual tutors from across the globe. Online learning formats have only become more popular with the rise of COVID-19 and required social distancing.

More students are seeking tutoring from home and more qualified teachers and tutors are shifting their face-to-face business models to online platforms in order to meet this demand.

Curious about how online tutoring can help you? Here’s everything you need to know about hiring a virtual tutor.

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Algebra Help: Top Resources to Help You Master Your Math Skills

A student gets algebra help from a tutor

Algebra is one of the most important subjects in high school math — it’s essential for school, work, and life in general. In addition to advancing one’s mathematical skills, algebra helps prepare students for analysis and problem-solving in everyday life.

Still, it’s common for students and adults alike to struggle with algebra, especially when encountering it for the first time. The good news is there are many ways those seeking support can get the algebra help they need. That assistance can ensure that you feel more confident in your skills and prepare you to succeed in mathematics.

Someone who just needs assistance from time to time might benefit from a self-guided help resource. Otherwise, a tutor can be a great way to get personalized support and guidance for someone who needs more in-depth support.

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