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How to Solve Fractions With Exponents

Fractions with exponents: graphing notebook with formulas

Exponents and fractions are complicated enough on their own. Why do we have to involve fractions with exponents? Though solving fractional exponents seems difficult, breaking down and simplifying the process makes it much easier to tackle.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Dividing Fractions With Whole Numbers

boy dividing fractions with whole numbers while laying on the grass

The process of dividing fractions with whole numbers is different than what it seems. Even though you are dividing whole numbers, the most effective way to solve these kinds of math problems is to use a multiplication sign. Let's explain why.

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What Is an Exponent in Math? Your Guide

what is an exponent in math: x squared

Let’s get straight to your question: What is an exponent in math? Well, it’s the repeated multiplication of a specific number by itself. The number of times this value is multiplied by itself is indicated by the value of the exponent.

Let's define exponents and explore the basic rules of exponentiation, which is the process of raising one quantity to the power of another.

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How to Square a Number: Second Power and Square Roots

how to square a number: square root formula on a notebook with a pencil nearby

Wondering how to square a number? You’ve come to the right place. Here is your intro to squaring numbers, finding square roots, and determining perfect squares.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Dividing Decimals

dividing decimals: person manually solving an equation

Does the idea of dividing decimals bring on confusion and dread? We get it, decimal subtraction and addition is easy enough. But when long division is added to the equation, things suddenly get more complicated.

We're here to tell you that dividing decimals is a lengthy but totally manageable process, and with this guide, you'll be able to divide decimals with ease. Let's get started!

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