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TutorMe Honor Code

The Honor Code is TutorMe’s policy on academic integrity and honesty. It states TutorMe’s high standard for tutors and students in academic work.

TutorMe does not allow or participate in academic dishonesty in any form. Tutors are to work through students’ assignments with them. They will not complete tests or assignments, or simply provide students answers without the required work.

TutorMe’s platform was developed to help connect teachers with learners. It is not a platform to exchange answers or completed assignments. Effective tutoring is more than simply giving out answers to questions. We encourage pioneering problem-solving approaches, helping students comprehend the methods required to find the answer instead of giving them the answer and working backwards.


The TutorMe team understands the pressures inherent to an academic environment. School is stressful, and that stress can often lead to the temptation to cheat. However, the risk you take by violating TutorMe's code of academic integrity is not worth the short term reward. If you cheat, you will be caught. We review every lesson on the site, and we will suspend users immediately if there’s any indication of cheating. TutorMe’s tutors are not on the site to finish homework for students. They want to help students learn. Any violation of that trust will result in suspension.


Just as students are expected to adhere to TutorMe’s academic honesty policy, tutors are expected to uphold the policy as well. Students will often attempt to take advantage of the service and ask you to complete their homework for them. Make sure the student understands that providing them the answer immediately will not help them comprehend the concepts long term. Tutoring should not be viewed as a substitute for in class work, and completing homework for students ensures that they will continue to return to the site in the same capacity.

All lessons and messages on the site are monitored, and any violation of TutorMe’s academic honesty policy will result in suspension and review.

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